Brexit Takes Toll on Anglo French & Dassault’s UCAV Project

Anglo-French is under speculation to continue their development on their latest project due to Europe’s current Brexit scandal. The production of the unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) is what is said to be at stake if companies do not decide to coincide.   Dassault, one of the main contributor to this project has stated to be very concerned to on the upcoming descions. 

Many companies are at a loss if the companies do not come to terms. Large companies such as Safran, Rolls Royce alongside their electronic components suppliers Thales and Leonardo. 

“France’s Dassault is partnered with UK-based BAE Systems under the future combat air system (FCAS) initiative agreed by the nations' governments in 2014 and reaffirmed in March 2016 at a summit in Amiens.” 

The relations began as a strong healthy partnership between the UK and the French when the Prime minister of the UK and the French president agreed to the second “stage” worth more over £1.54 billion ($1.87 billion US). 

With the scare of Brexit being imposed this year, the future of the production has not been as stable as before. France assures that they can and will take over the production if the UK decides to leave but may not be the right choice economically for their company.  

If the two companies come to terms and decided to pursue the project they will continue production immediately. The immediate production consists of the completion of two “full scale” prototypes. 

Per the Chief executive of Dassault, Eric Trappier he states that the prototypes would be a reassurance that the two companies have come to terms and can continue working together. The approximated flight launch for the new UCAVs would be around the year 2023. 

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