CAGE Code List for NSN Manufacturers By Page 14

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1FY43 1FY45 1FY54 1FYG3 1FYW9 1FYY4
1FZ09 1FZ29 1FZF4 1FZH7 1G026 1G0P8
1G190 1G2D4 1G359 1G361 1G374 1G379
1G390 1G3N5 1G3P2 1G3P5 1G3Q7 1G3R1
1G3R2 1G3R5 1G3R6 1G3R7 1G3R8 1G3U5
1G433 1G473 1G474 1G4A7 1G4N4 1G5F4
1G5W1 1G5X3 1G604 1G628 1G635 1G645
1G677 1G6U6 1G724 1G7G0 1G883 1G885
1G893 1G8C5 1G8R5 1G910 1GAU9 1GB42
1GB54 1GB76 1GC59 1GCT0 1GD22 1GD51
1GD54 1GD61 1GDA1 1GDM9 1GE11 1GF04
1GH63 1GJ38 1GJP5 1GJT5 1GK47 1GKB7
1GLT2 1GLV3 1GM18 1GM27 1GM57 1GM84
1GML5 1GMQ6 1GMU4 1GN08 1GNL0 1GNR2
1GNV5 1GP07 1GP40 1GP79 1GPA2 1GQ08
1GQ28 1GQP5 1GQR3 1GRR5 1GS03 1GS32
1GT86 1GTC0 1GTG9 1GTL9 1GUE8 1GUP7
1GV12 1GVT4 1GVW4 1GVW5 1GW19 1GW85
1GWB1 1GWN9 1GZ45 1GZ83 1GZD5 1H045
1H082 1H0V4 1H150 1H1H3 1H2H8 1H323
1H333 1H372 1H392 1H393 1H3A8 1H427
1H4G1 1H4W9 1H501 1H6M3 1H855 1H863
1H9S7 1HAR9 1HAZ9 1HB35 1HBB3 1HBD3
1HBK1 1HBP1 1HBU7 1HC54 1HC70 1HC95
1HCB8 1HD54 1HDF6 1HDQ5 1HDR0 1HE57
1HE58 1HEN9 1HF27 1HF85 1HFE7 1HH43
1HHA0 1HHQ4 1HHT1 1HHT6 1HHY4 1HJ31
1HJ42 1HJG4 1HJX9 1HKB9 1HKC2 1HKM2
1HKQ6 1HKR2 1HL09 1HL22 1HL38 1HL75
1HL83 1HLK3 1HLQ3 1HM04 1HM07 1HM39
1HM67 1HNS1 1HP47 1HQ30 1HQE5 1HQN9
1HR69 1HR94 1HRN8 1HRU7 1HS04 1HS51
1HS72 1HT10 1HT23 1HT62 1HT81 1HT92
1HT93 1HTG3 1HU38 1HU53 1HUG3 1HUG6
1HUP7 1HUP8 1HUX0 1HUX8 1HV74 1HV87
1HXL8 1HY24 1HY47 1HY91 1HYQ4 1HZU4
1J112 1J1J5 1J3A4 1J3N0 1J3N9 1J4K5
1J4P3 1J5K2 1J606 1J6V7 1J7C3 1J7M3
1J7M8 1J7Z2 1J878 1J8J7 1J8Y6 1J955
1J9B9 1J9T5 1J9V2 1J9Y5 1JA49 1JA77
1JAB0 1JAC0 1JAL0 1JB11 1JB44 1JBZ9
1JC48 1JCL9 1JCN3 1JD69 1JDK0 1JDN2
1JDY3 1JEC1 1JEJ8 1JEN2 1JF34 1JF60
1JF72 1JG09 1JGF6 1JGL0 1JGQ0 1JGV5
1JJD7 1JJG4 1JJQ5 1JK57 1JL37 1JL51
1JL60 1JL75 1JL82 1JLR8 1JMK8 1JN45
1JN64 1JN91 1JNU9 1JNZ0 1JP99 1JPA5
1JPB2 1JPE4 1JPV4 1JPZ7 1JQ25 1JQX0
1JR08 1JRT7 1JS15 1JS50 1JSZ6 1JT69
1JU00 1JU03 1JVU9 1JW06 1JW29 1JW34
1JWQ8 1JX04 1JX19 1JX42 1JX75 1JXV0
1JXV6 1JXW8 1JY08 1JY58 1JY78 1JYT1
1JYW2 1JYW5 1JZ80 1JZB0 1JZH3 1K031
1K055 1K076 1K0R0 1K0V9 1K101 1K126
1K129 1K141 1K142 1K1F3 1K209 1K249
1K290 1K2S2 1K2V6 1K328 1K348 1K3W7
1K407 1K426 1K4C0 1K4J2 1K543 1K554
1K556 1K592 1K594 1K616 1K697 1K6F1
1K6L4 1K6P9 1K705 1K706 1K736 1K796
1K833 1K839 1K847 1K885 1K8G9 1K8S7
1K8T5 1K920 1K925 1K965 1K9E4 1K9L8
1K9Z0 1KAC4 1KAY9 1KCF7 1KDE3 1KE74
1KEB1 1KEY1 1KEZ7 1KF82 1KFG9 1KFL8
1KFY7 1KGC9 1KGE8 1KGM2 1KGW4 1KH72
1KHV0 1KHW5 1KJ10 1KK77 1KL62 1KLG5
1KM85 1KMX7 1KMY6 1KN15 1KN38 1KN63
1KND5 1KNG0 1KNH1 1KNW3 1KNY1 1KP04
1KP05 1KP23 1KP78 1KPD5 1KPJ9 1KPL4
1KPQ9 1KPS9 1KQ26 1KQL2 1KQR3 1KQW4
1KR45 1KR76 1KRF4 1KRN8 1KRW0 1KTP6
1KU10 1KU66 1KU75 1KUR9 1KVK9 1KVX4
1KW45 1KWT0 1KX03 1KX42 1KX48 1KX87
1KX93 1KXF2 1KXU6 1KXW6 1KY21 1KZ68
1KZK0 1L007 1L041 1L0R6 1L160 1L170
1L176 1L1G1 1L1J3 1L297 1L2H9 1L2J3
1L2U0 1L2U6 1L333 1L397 1L3B8 1L3S8
1L405 1L435 1L442 1L4J7 1L5F5 1L5U8
1L5Z5 1L6H1 1L6H4 1L6W4 1L790 1L7Y9
1L871 1L879 1L8V1 1L906 1L965 1L9D9
1L9L8 1L9Q0 1L9U5 1LAK9 1LAL1 1LAX4
1LB23 1LB72 1LCF9 1LCX3 1LDA1 1LDN2
1LDW8 1LE67 1LE70 1LEW5 1LEZ0 1LEZ1
1LF36 1LF53 1LF77 1LFN9 1LFP2 1LFP5
1LG46 1LHP9 1LHV7 1LJ95 1LJF1 1LJJ5
1LP01 1LP29 1LPL3 1LPN4 1LPY0 1LQD8
1LQF0 1LQK8 1LQL8 1LSA9 1LST7 1LT84
1LTM5 1LTM7 1LUH6 1LUK5 1LV23 1LVP8
1LVX8 1LW55 1LY11 1LY15 1LZ56 1LZU0
1LZU1 1M0M4 1M331 1M3W9 1M442 1M453
1M472 1M473 1M4T8 1M529 1M5D8 1M5E6
1M693 1M6A3 1M6M9 1M781 1M799 1M7R2
1M7W1 1M7Y3 1M813 1M8G6 1M8L7 1M952
1M984 1M994 1MA11 1MA42 1MA93 1MAD8
1MAL0 1MAM7 1MB22 1MB86 1MBE8 1MBF0
1MC47 1MCJ4 1MCU7 1MCW2 1MD62 1MDL9
1MDS4 1MEG0 1MEL9 1MEP6 1MF53 1MFK5
1MGJ5 1MGN7 1MGT4 1MGX7 1MGY9 1MH97
1ML14 1MLG1 1MLU1 1MLX3 1MMD1 1MME1
1MMN6 1MMP8 1MMR4 1MMT9 1MN13 1MNS5
1MPF2 1MPP4 1MQ07 1MQ55 1MQB3 1MQU7
1MRF6 1MTK0 1MTS3 1MU21 1MUT1 1MV66
1MVG3 1MVK2 1MVW0 1MVZ1 1MX07 1MX08
1MX54 1MY79 1MY97 1MYP5 1MZ58 1MZ77
1MZW0 1MZY2 1N076 1N0L6 1N0X4 1N108
1N125 1N137 1N1A7 1N1R7 1N320 1N328
1N365 1N370 1N392 1N3C1 1N450 1N454
1N489 1N4C9 1N4P8 1N4S3 1N4S8 1N5S7
1N5X2 1N610 1N614 1N651 1N6B3 1N6F3
1N6M3 1N7B0 1N7V5 1N7Y2 1N810 1N8S8
1N8T8 1N8W5 1N8X6 1NA19 1NA24 1NA98
1NAS7 1NB39 1NBA3 1NBU4 1NDQ3 1NDU7
1NDX5 1NEL3 1NEL7 1NEX4 1NF01 1NG36
1NG39 1NG75 1NG83 1NGH3

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