FSG 15 Aircraft and Airframe Structural Components

Classifying aviation and aerospace parts can be a complex process. The Federal Supply Classification guide was developed to bring clarity to users of these parts by providing a more organized and comprehensive system of classification. Due to the high specificity requirements of many parts on the market, it is important to be able to easily locate and classify each to ensure it is the correct part.

FSG 15 is unique in that it’s classifications are more general than other categories. This category includes classifications for structural components such as fixed wing, rotary wing, gliders, drones, and other fabricated system parts that are permanently attached to the airframe of an aircraft. Unlike other categories, the classifications listed in FSG 15 can only include complete aircraft. This means that any parts, attachments, end items, accessories or assemblies that are to be used in the aircraft are classified in an alternate class.

This is a very broad group, which includes:

  • FSC 1510 – Fixed Wing Aircrafts
  • FSC 1520 – Rotary Wing Aircrafts
  • FSC 1540 – All Gliders
  • FSC 1550 – Unmanned Aircrafts / Drones
  • FSC 1555 – Vehicles traveling into space
  • FSC 1560 – Airframe Structural Components

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