FSG 16 Aircraft Components and Accessories

There are many parts in just one aircraft that you may need to fix, replace or upgrade. Especially when looking for aircraft components and accessories it can sometimes it can get overwhelming when searching for the right part at the right price. It is always good to know the part number and what group or class they are in. Here is a break down how to find those parts.

The Government uses National Stock Number's (NSN) which contain sub-groups that identify the Federal Supply Groups (FSG), Federal Supply Classes (FSC), Nato Country Code, National Item Identification Number NIIN) and the serial number of the product. The FSG number is the Federal Supply Group which is the first two Digits in the NSN number identifies, by title, the commodity area covered by classes within the group. Aircraft components and accessories are in group 16 under the FSG number. This includes any and all parts that fall under that category. Which include: aircraft propellers and components, helicopter rotor blades, aircraft landing gear, wheel and brake systems, ropes and cable, air conditioning/ heating and even parachutes.

The subcategories of this federal supply group are as follows:

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