FSG 25 Vehicular Equipment Components

The term “vehicular” describes a variety of things like warehouse trucks, tractors, aircraft, railway vehicles and watercrafts. Group 25 is all vehicular components in these motorized vehicles in all industries.   Some of these little components can go for thousands of dollars because they withstand hot temperatures and high pressures.  These components can give an ideal of the platform by just looking at certain details.

The number 2510 classifies the vehicular body and frame structural components like the leaf type springs and shock absorbers. 2520 stands for the power transmission components on vehicles like the clutch assemblies, propeller shafts, and power takeoffs. Another class is 2540, which classified furniture and accessories like bumpers, bumper guards, shock absorbers, and windshield whippers; but not speedometers. 2541 classifies weapons systems like modification of weapons on a tank, personnel carriers and accessory kits and boxes. But does not include parts kits, electronic switches, and modification kits.

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