FSG 26 Tires and Tubes

At Just Parts Unlimited they understand the importance of knowing which Federal Supply Code’s apply to your products in order to register to do business with the government. They have an expansive inventory of different types of Federal Supply Codes, also referred to as FSG’s, which is a two-digit code utilized by the government. This makes the buying process easier and comforting knowing your parts and supplies are safe and government approved. Every part has guidelines to coding which go into different departments. For example, if you need tires and tubes for your next project they go under FSG 26. Here is a guide line for buying your next tires and/or tubes:

These first four digits can be found on National Stock Numbers and assist with classifying/identifying the products, supplies and services that the government uses and buys. The first two digits of the thirteen-numeric code consist of the Federal Supply Group. The first four are referred to as the Federal Supply Code and the rest of the nine digits are referred to as the National Item Identification Number. Many of the Federal Supply Code parts that Just Parts Unlimited supply are within the Military, Aerospace, Defense and Construction industries. They also supply Federal Supply Code parts for tires and tubes. This Federal Supply Group is referred to by the Defense Logistics Agency as Federal Supply Group 26 Tires and Tubes.

Federal Supply Codes within the Federal Supply group 26 Tires and Tubes include:

You can get everything from new tires and tubes to the repair material, for example: Tread Gum, cold patches, friction cord fabric, vulcanizing patches, padding stock, quick-cure gum, tire and tube repair kits. At Just Parts Unlimited they will give you world renowned service 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can do all your buying in the comfort of your home or office online at sales@justpartsunlimited.com or call +1-714-705-4780. Make your next purchase a five star experience.

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