FSG 30 Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment

FSG Group Contains Mechanical Power Transmission Equipment and accessories. Composed of four main sub groups with more specific items and exclusions. These sub groups are:

A summary to what some of these groups contain are Fluid Couplings; Nonvehicular Clutches and Couplings; Horizontal Right Angle Drive Gear Units. Power Transmission Chain; Matched Gear Sets. Belt Lacings; Belt Pins. Shafts and Shafting; Collars; Gearshifts; Ball Joints; Actuating Cylinders.

Exclusions include: Automotive Torque Converters (FSC 2520); Vehicular Power Transmission Components (FSC 2520); Rotary Aircraft Transmission Gear Units (FSC 1615), Reduction Gears (FSC 3010).

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