FSG 39 Materials Handling Equipment

Whenever you have a big project that requires heavy machinery to move things around there is nowhere else to look then at One Click Purchasing. There you can get anything from fork lift trucks, conveyors, crane-shovels to freight elevators right at your fingertips. It is easy to find on their website since they organize everything by the groups and class they fall under in the federal supply group.

The federal supply group which goes by FSG is the first two Digits in the NSN number identifies, by title, the commodity area covered by classes within the group. An NSN is a 13-digit numerical value that identifies the “standardized material items of supply” as they are recognized by all countries participating in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The first 4 digits of each NSN refer to the Federal Supply Groups Code (FSGC), followed by a 9-digit National Item Identification Number (NIIN). The first 2 digits of the NSN refer to the Federal Supply Group (FSG) and the following 2 digits in the FSGC refer to the more specific Federal Supply Code (FSC)

For all your materials handling equipment, you can find them under the FSG group 39. This makes it easier to find and comforting to know that what you are getting is under the government coding. You can order online at sales@oneclickpurchasing.com in office or in the comfort of your own home or call 412-212-0606 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long. At One Click Purchasing you get the right part for the right price with first class customer service.

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