FSG 48 Valves

The Federal Supply Guide under category FSG 48 addresses two types of valves. The two types of valves in this category are powered valves and non-powered valves.

Powered valves can run off electric motors, hydraulics, and solenoid. Motor operated valves are also referred to On-off valves, which are widely used for many piping devices. For example, when water flow needs to be stopped or started within a pipe, the on-off valve can be placed in the open or closed position. Solenoid valves are operated electromechanically. An electric current is required to pass through a solenoid to control the valve. A solenoid is a piece of coiled metal that converts energy into linear motion. Solenoid valves are commonly used in washing machines to control the amount of water that enters the machine.

Non-powered valves are generally cheaper than powered and require less maintenance. A common example of non-powered valves is check and relief valves, which can be used to control water back flow in high and low-pressure fluid devices. To learn more about the types of valves out there, please consult the Federal Supply Guide.

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