FSG 54 Prefabricated Structures AND Scaffolding

There are numerous types of groupings for parts, and in the world of aviation it is critical to keep track of all parts and classify each of those parts. An aircraft will have millions of parts that make up and fly the aircraft, and each part plays a critical role. This is why the Federal Supply Group system was created, so that there are products and parts that fall under the same category to structure a much more organized approach to classifying parts. To expedite the procurement process, the U.S. Department of Defense put created a system that separately and permanently classifies items. Today we will take a look at the FSG 54 (Federal Supply Group 54) prefabricated structures and scaffolding, and identify what kind of parts make up this category.

The Federal Supply Group 54 consists of a myriad of prefabricated structures and scaffolding. Prefabrication is the assembling of components of a structure at a manufacturing site or factory. These whole assemblies are then transported to the location of use. This category includes many items such as rigid wall shelters, storage tanks, prefabricated structures, tower structures, scaffolding equipment, and more.

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