FSG 62 Lighting Fixtures and Lamps

Lighting appliances are so common in today’s modern technical environment that it is easy to treat all lighting fixtures the same. In fact, the different types and applications of lighting fixtures is numerous and varied. When buying and selling lighting equipment, it is important to ascertain what type of fixture is needed in order to ensure proper lighting function.

A great resource to consult for the different types of lighting equipment available is the Federal Supply Guide. Group 62 of the guide lists the different categories and uses for all lighting fixtures and lamps. Included in this category are both electrical and non-electrical lighting fixtures. The electrical fixtures include parts for indoor and outdoor lighting, vehicular lighting, portable and hand lighting equipment such as floodlights and searchlights, and lamps. It is important to note that this category only classifies the light fixture devices, not the accessory elements that give the fixtures electricity or battery charge. Those looking for cable and wiring must look for a different category.

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