FSG 70 Automatic Data Processing Equipment Including Firmware Software Supplies and Support Equipment

Automatic data processing equipment software comes in many different forms and operates in many ways. Each piece of ADP equipment connects to form a system configuration. The key piece of equipment in this system is the central processing unit, or CPU. The CPU comes in three different types. The first type is analog. An analog is a representation in one form of a physical condition existing in another form. An example of this is the level of mercury in a thermometer represents the temperature. The second type of CPU is digital. Digital is the representation of discrete numbers, symbols and alphabetic characters by a predetermined, coded combination of electrical impulses. Digital central processing units are capable of arithmetic and logic operations through programing, without the intervention of an external operator. The third type of CPU is hybrid. A hybrid CPU is a combination of the two previous categories with conversion capability required for intercommunication. A great resource for researching deeper into ADP equipment software is FSG 70 in the Federal Supply Guide.

With an extending inventory list of Federal Supply Code’s, Just Parts Unlimited includes Federal Supply Group 70, which is made up of ADP Equipment Software, Supplies and Support Equipment by the Defense Logistics Agency:

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