FSG 81 Containers Packaging AND Packing Supplies

A National Stock Number, or NSN is a 13-digit numeric code, identifying all the items that government recognizes, purchases and uses. This is the number that is recognized by all countries including United States Department of Defense. Within this number is a smaller sub-set of numbers called the Federal Supply Code Group, or FSCG. This code is the first four digits of the NSN. To break down the number further, the first two digits represent the Federal Supply Group, or FSG. This group identifies what type of part it is.

For example, one of the groups classified by an FSG is the group for containers, packaging, and packing supplies. This is Federal Supply Group 81. If you require any material or equipment falling under this description, or any NSN beginning with the digits 81, then we are exactly the distributor you’re looking for.

Being a globally renowned aerospace components distributor, it is crucial to maintain availability of all federal supply groups so we can accurately and fully cater to the needs of our customers. Here at Just Parts Unlimited, we always make sure we meet any parts requirement and deliver efficiently and cost-effectively.

The previously mentioned federal supply group 81 consists of a few different types of containers like drums, cans, boxes, cartons and crates. Bags and sacks are also classified as containers. Reels and spools of different types of packaging are included in this group as well. Bottles and jars, such as shipping jugs and carboys are included as well. If your company or organization requires any type of equipment under FSG 81, remember it can be fully sourced and delivered to you quickly with Just Parts Unlimited.

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