FSG 91 Fuels Lubricants Oils AND Waxes

FSG Group 91 is made up of four main components which are fuel, lubricants, oils & waxes.  All four have been divided into more specific groups to be able to specify these categories more into depths. These sub groups are:

9110 consist of items such as Briquettes, Charcoal, Cordwood, Coke, Rational Heating Tables.

9130 consist of all aviation Gasoline (JP-1, 3, 4, including 5 Jet Fuel Combat Vehicle and Automotive Gasoline (all types and grades); Liquid Propellants, Bulk; Liquid Propellants, predetermined to specific quantity and quality, packaged in reusable containers.

Group 9135 only consists of liquid propellants that are made with 50 % more chemical content or higher.

Group 9140 is made up of specific fuel oils that include, Light Burner Fuels; Diesel Fuels; Kerosine; Military Specification Type Residuals; Special and Heavy Grade Turbine Vessel Propulsion Fuels. Alongside more specific units.

Group 9150 includes Petrolatum excluding USP

Group 9160 also includes Animal, Vegetable, and Petroleum Waxes; Wool Grease (Lanolin); Tallow; Marine Oils; Coconut Oil; Soap Stock; Essential Oils, except USP or NF grades.                  

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