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CAGE Code: 01634, 95027, 0JXF3, 09192

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Part Number NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
114S1623-25 5340-01-369-3898 bracket angle Avl RFQ
114S1627-19 4730-01-369-4017 tee boss Avl RFQ
114S1627-25 4730-01-369-4020 tee boss Avl RFQ
102753 9540-00-007-0361 angle structural Avl RFQ
12072 9540-00-821-1540 beam structural Avl RFQ
114S1827-6 1560-01-369-4105 support structural component aircra Avl RFQ
11601 9540-01-071-3494 angle structural Avl RFQ
10282 9540-00-637-2831 angle structural Avl RFQ
114S1822-2 1560-01-368-9794 fitting structural component aircra Avl RFQ
10133-1404 9540-00-595-8716 angle structural Avl RFQ
11057 9540-00-147-7706 channel structural Avl RFQ
114S1825-4 1560-01-368-9802 fitting structural component air Avl RFQ
11622 9540-00-145-7556 angle structural Avl RFQ
11636 9540-00-149-6327 angle structural Avl RFQ
1111-006-000 6220-00-837-2176 light navigational marine Avl RFQ
1109 5940-00-065-1829 splice conductor Avl RFQ
114S1627-21 4730-01-369-4018 tee boss Avl RFQ
109M054-401 9540-01-620-3630 structural section Avl RFQ
11485 9540-01-071-8256 beam structural Avl RFQ
10854 9540-00-827-2214 angle structural Avl RFQ
12070 9540-00-905-3609 beam structural Avl RFQ
114S1807-1 1560-01-368-9792 fitting structural component aircra Avl RFQ
109695 9540-01-072-1722 angle structural Avl RFQ
03005-0-157 5910-00-801-3483 capacitor fixed paper dielectric Avl RFQ
11638 9540-00-145-5815 angle structural Avl RFQ
108546.5L 9540-01-368-9808 angle structural Avl RFQ
1120-000 2040-00-134-8865 grating cockpit Avl RFQ
11637 9540-00-555-1081 angle structural Avl RFQ
10854 9540-00-528-9354 angle structural Avl RFQ
109M012-404 1680-01-436-9173 curtain doorway Avl RFQ
11637 9540-00-222-0467 angle structural Avl RFQ
117943 9540-00-596-1088 beam structural Avl RFQ
12031 9540-00-147-7715 channel structural Avl RFQ
1123-000 2010-00-001-0005 shaft propulsion ship Avl RFQ
104163 9540-00-175-3549 angle structural Avl RFQ
020X48X144-52S0 9535-00-630-5971 sheet metal Avl RFQ
11472 9540-00-251-1896 angle structural Avl RFQ
118365 9540-00-232-0512 angle structural Avl RFQ
103913 9540-00-139-0291 beam structural Avl RFQ
10265 9540-00-227-8908 angle structural Avl RFQ
1122-000 2040-00-134-8866 grating cockpit Avl RFQ
11639 9540-01-378-4885 angle structural Avl RFQ
121424 9540-01-082-3413 structural section Avl RFQ
11623 9540-00-145-7557 angle structural Avl RFQ
11693 9540-00-853-2908 structural section special shape Avl RFQ
109442 9540-00-483-2473 channel structural Avl RFQ
1152 9540-00-167-2723 channel structural Avl RFQ
109472 9540-00-027-9167 angle structural Avl RFQ
115515 9540-01-180-8796 angle structural Avl RFQ
10742 9540-00-145-7551 angle structural Avl RFQ
114S1827-2 1560-01-369-4106 support structural component aircra Avl RFQ
103853 9540-00-006-8552 angle structural Avl RFQ
105773 9540-01-373-7834 angle structural Avl RFQ
11472 9540-00-528-4767 angle structural Avl RFQ
114S1627-17 4730-01-369-4016 tee boss Avl RFQ
109M039-001 4730-01-507-7634 nut union Avl RFQ
11636 9540-00-266-9099 angle structural Avl RFQ
112155 9540-00-063-5875 structural section special shape Avl RFQ
114S1627-23 4730-01-369-4019 tee boss Avl RFQ
11813004130 5365-01-240-7632 spacer ring Avl RFQ
108545.8L 9540-01-369-4140 angle structural Avl RFQ
114S1117 3 3040-01-371-8669 connecting link rigid Avl RFQ
106615 9540-00-406-7690 beam structural Avl RFQ
10854 9540-00-145-7553 angle structural Avl RFQ
103612 9540-00-503-6404 beam structural Avl RFQ
120215 9540-00-060-0640 channel structural Avl RFQ
11820 9540-01-378-6596 angle structural Avl RFQ
114S1825-3 1560-01-368-9801 fitting structural component aircra Avl RFQ
12001 9540-00-147-7714 channel structural Avl RFQ
10391 5950-00-943-0076 transf0rmer Avl RFQ
11069 9540-00-119-2004 structural section special shape Avl RFQ
101834 9540-00-805-0462 structural section Avl RFQ

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