Lisi Aerospace Canada Corp – NSN Parts Catalog page 111

CAGE Code: L4528

Are you looking for parts from the manufacturer Lisi Aerospace Canada Corp? Just Parts Unlimited, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, stocks hundreds of parts from this Lisi Aerospace Canada Corp including 3M925C5-10A, 51B334 11Y, 51B334 6X, BACB30MS3R7, BACB30MS5R20. ASAP makes it easy for our customers to quickly find the part they need, avoiding the hassle of part procurement. Customer service drives everything we do. Unlike other companies, every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who works around-the-clock to meet any and all customer expectations and needs. Our extensive supply chain is deliberately set up to support expedited shipping, same day delivery and any AOG needs. Submit a request for quote form today and experience the simplified ASAP method today.

3M925C5-10A 5305-01-110-9772 Screw Close Tolerance Avl RFQ
51B334 11Y 5305-01-258-9111 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
51B334 6X 5305-01-256-3049 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
BACB30MS3R7 5305-01-337-6008 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
BACB30MS5R20 5305-01-337-3283 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
BACB30NX8K9 5306-01-519-3260 Bolt Shear Avl RFQ
BACB30US5K12X 5306-01-651-9764 Bolt Shear Avl RFQ
BACB30US7K14X 5306-01-651-6808 Bolt Shear Avl RFQ
BL1058-10-7 5320-01-156-3790 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN329-1032-6 5320-01-223-1095 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-428-10 5320-01-318-2036 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-524-1 5320-01-318-2037 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-524-7 5320-01-318-2001 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-524-9 5320-01-318-2002 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-624-10 5320-01-318-2021 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-624-13 5320-01-318-2024 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-624-2 5320-01-318-2014 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
BN566-624-20 5320-01-318-2031 Rivet Blind Avl RFQ
GB510DE5-16 5305-01-247-6837 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
GPSTTCV12-18ACH 5320-01-458-1926 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL111VAP8 13 5320-01-556-9772 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL11VAP10 3 5320-01-556-9758 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL146-6-3-9 5307-01-432-6791 Stud Shouldered Avl RFQ
HL182-6A 5320-00-438-9477 Collar Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL18PB-12-10 5320-00-932-3997 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL20RB-6-18 5320-01-414-4976 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL219-6-4 5320-01-144-1695 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL22 77 5 5 5320-01-352-1408 Pin Collar Assembly Avl RFQ
HL40-12-7 5320-01-231-7537 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL411VF-8-8 5320-01-375-9820 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL414-16-21 5320-01-246-3929 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL445PB-6-6 5320-01-062-6499 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL48-5-3 5320-00-288-3352 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL49-10-13 5320-01-532-0162 Pin Rivet Threaded Avl RFQ
HL49-5-5 5320-00-288-3444 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL610-5-4 5320-00-288-3436 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL645-10-10 5320-01-253-6627 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL646AP-12-22 5320-01-568-4399 Pin Rivet Threaded Avl RFQ
HL64A-6-11 5320-01-458-1451 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL64PB87W6 5 5320-01-586-5868 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL65PB-8-18 5320-01-216-9078 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL701JT-8-8 5320-01-390-7083 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL730PB8-11 5320-00-357-2161 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL83-6A 5310-00-943-2040 Nut Collar Avl RFQ
HL910-5-17 5320-00-401-2438 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HL93DU-8 5320-01-496-5338 Collar Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLM12AU05-10 5320-01-108-3244 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT128-8-37 5320-01-318-5358 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT153DL-10-16 5320-01-147-2798 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT206TB-10-16-.. 5320-01-143-4111 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT211-6-9 5320-01-496-5121 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT211-8-8 5320-01-496-5127 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT311TB-8-16 5320-01-169-4439 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT313TB-6-41 5320-01-169-8287 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT333FBA-12-11 5320-01-467-1758 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT411 10 15 5320-01-496-7191 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT42-10-4 5320-01-390-6471 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT453-8-5 5320-01-328-7957 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT560JG-6-20 5320-01-316-5722 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT623SG-6-6 5320-01-414-4175 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT626-6-5 5320-01-413-1930 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT633YC-5-5 5320-01-440-4423 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT704JJ-8-15 5320-01-452-0914 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HLT969TB-8-9 5320-01-469-2860 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HR204-4-23 5305-01-195-5828 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HS15-4 5320-00-827-5713 Collar Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HST59AC6-13 5320-01-547-5422 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HST720 6 4 5320-01-493-8095 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HST727AP-8-18 5320-01-568-8741 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HSTM10-10-21 5320-01-443-1028 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
HSTM11AZ-05-121 5320-01-407-2914 Rivet Solid Avl RFQ
HT181 4 15 5305-01-520-3840 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HT195-6-11 5305-00-842-7549 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HT271 5 11 5305-01-239-6349 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HT271 5 13 5305-01-280-2602 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HT271-3-4 5305-00-326-4969 Screw Close Tolerance Avl RFQ
HT4020 7 18Y 5305-01-267-6915 Screw Shoulder Avl RFQ
HT4025L3-21 5305-00-324-9282 Screw Close Tolerance Avl RFQ
HT4025L4D9 5305-01-179-2439 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HT4049-4D29 5305-01-193-6849 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HT4053 4 4 5305-01-264-5054 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
HT4059V3-10AS 5305-01-239-2482 Screw Shoulder Avl RFQ
HT4U-3 5305-00-813-2194 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
NAS1101E4-6 5305-00-243-8319 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
NAS1124-13 5305-00-528-5512 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
NAS1206-35D 5305-00-813-1576 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
S4931920-16-27 5320-01-391-5179 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
S4931920-6-10 5320-01-391-5184 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
S4931920C8-5 5320-01-449-4455 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
ST3M456C6-13 5320-00-377-1315 Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
SW1000-5MA 5320-00-298-6164 Collar Pin Rivet Avl RFQ
TX1026C3D14AF 5305-01-502-4868 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
TX1026C8-28A 5305-01-549-4559 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
TX1026V3-12A 5305-01-465-2366 Screw Close Toleran Avl RFQ
TX1027E4D4YA 5305-01-536-4439 Screw Shoulder Avl RFQ

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