Lucent Technologies Inc – NSN Parts Catalog page 63

CAGE Code: 01714, 3B4M0, 07UP3, 1B4N1, 07NE5, Z9676, 05YC5, 06UV5, 080W4, 1K705, 0YL13, 3FV88, 06KW9, 06JV9, 1C2F8

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100 722 875 6250-00-300-0562 Lampholder Avl RFQ
102468758 5340-01-161-3326 Cover Access Avl RFQ
102583457 6130-01-186-7279 Power Supply Avl RFQ
102773 5365-00-332-4490 Shim Avl RFQ
103376 5307-00-126-7725 Stud Shouldered Avl RFQ
1156107-2ISSUE1 5355-00-644-4097 Pointer Dial Avl RFQ
125016 5325-00-640-9916 Grommet Nonmetallic Avl RFQ
126-123 5325-00-640-9916 Grommet Nonmetallic Avl RFQ
130741 5340-00-872-5379 Holder Spring Avl RFQ
1314663 5905-00-052-5942 Resistor Assembly Avl RFQ
131796 5305-00-902-9349 Screw Shoulder Avl RFQ
131797 5360-00-903-5840 Spring Helical Torsion Avl RFQ
131910 5310-00-753-4011 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
131946 5340-00-565-8314 Spring Avl RFQ
132E 5210-00-223-9200 Blade Thickness Gag Avl RFQ
132M 5210-00-189-9553 Blade Thickness Gage Avl RFQ
132R 5210-00-189-9550 Blade Thickness Gage Avl RFQ
138-126 5210-00-221-2020 Blade Thickness Gage Avl RFQ
138-44 5210-00-223-9211 Blade Thickness Gage Avl RFQ
146E20HMS 5905-00-100-5221 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
15ATHERMIST0R 5905-00-075-3451 Resistor Thermal Avl RFQ
18 248 5305-01-188-9307 Screw Avl RFQ
204644WU 5340-00-129-9813 Bracket Avl RFQ
235F 5930-01-036-9354 Switch Hook Avl RFQ
2Z3764-2 5355-00-518-0561 Dial Scale Avl RFQ
3100002 6210-01-311-0533 Indicator Light Avl RFQ
326064 5305-00-007-7704 Screw Shoulder Avl RFQ
35-71 5360-00-391-0842 Spring Helical Extension Avl RFQ
36-153 5315-00-392-1728 Pin Special Avl RFQ
395862-39 5310-00-933-8778 Washer Lock Avl RFQ
3A98202 5340-00-337-2590 Clamp Loop Avl RFQ
400691 7510-01-028-1024 Element Typing Avl RFQ
403586 5325-01-087-1234 Fastener Spring Tension Trim Avl RFQ
406674630 5365-01-436-8694 Bushing Nonmetallic Avl RFQ
47P473-7 5315-00-392-8293 Pin Straight Headed Avl RFQ
50083A4993 5905-00-279-4435 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
579B 5930-00-779-3405 Switch Push Avl RFQ
72L4 6210-00-299-2924 Lens Light Avl RFQ
72L7 6210-00-299-2927 Lens Light Avl RFQ
73894 5305-00-298-2779 Setscrew Avl RFQ
84384 5365-00-160-0033 Spacer Sleeve Avl RFQ
9136192 2540-00-679-6459 Shock Absorber Pede Avl RFQ
93507 5305-00-207-5650 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
96368 5210-00-351-7829 Gage Thickness Avl RFQ
99872 5342-00-127-1058 Bracket Avl RFQ
99987 5342-00-125-9725 Bracket Avl RFQ
A835180 5998-00-484-9149 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
B094384-5ISSUE5 5355-00-644-4209 Knob Avl RFQ
BA101934-34 5905-00-101-5491 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Induct Avl RFQ
BA10278-142 5310-00-088-6244 Nut Plain Clinch Avl RFQ
BA98407-15 5910-00-270-9230 Capacitor Fixed Paper Dielectric Avl RFQ
BL722205 5330-00-324-1444 Gasket Avl RFQ
D162707CT 5905-00-102-0912 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Nonind Avl RFQ
D164900A 5905-00-107-6468 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
D176176A9203 5905-00-614-3771 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
G221013-5 5310-00-993-1845 Nut Plain Cap Avl RFQ
G302392-4 5310-00-988-0358 Nut Self Locking Cl Avl RFQ
G302392-7 5310-00-988-0357 Nut Self Locking Cl Avl RFQ
G302437-34 5305-00-903-5533 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
G354725 5340-01-014-2018 Standoff Threaded Spacing Avl RFQ
G376596 5930-00-528-8434 Switch Rotary Avl RFQ
G395825-30 5905-00-105-5287 Resistor Variable Nonwire Wound Avl RFQ
G395885-2 5305-00-415-1564 Screw Cap Socket He Avl RFQ
G395886-19 5905-00-155-3966 Resistor Variable N Avl RFQ
G592766-3 5310-01-183-2809 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
G592991-2 5365-01-183-9699 Bushing Eccentric Avl RFQ
G613037 5945-01-187-6136 Relay Electromagnet Avl RFQ
G621344 5998-01-088-5682 Circuit Card Assembly Avl RFQ
G807671 5340-01-314-6930 Rod End Threaded Avl RFQ
GA10424L3 5999-00-612-3020 Delay Line Avl RFQ
GA10424L4 5999-00-612-3021 Delay Line Avl RFQ
GA53314A2433 5905-00-755-2661 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
GS16712 5945-00-295-4941 Relay Assembly Avl RFQ
GS177528 5220-00-565-0800 Level Precision Mas Avl RFQ
J58890L-1 ITEM .. 5305-01-437-4371 Screw Cap Socket He Avl RFQ
KS13915L3 5935-00-881-1881 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
KS14160L3 5935-00-546-5771 Connector Receptacle Electrical Avl RFQ
KS16313L4A402-0.. 5905-00-154-0308 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
KS16764L1F37-00 5905-00-113-3555 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Avl RFQ
KS16764L1F74-00 5905-00-115-5348 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Avl RFQ
KS16764L1F78-00 5905-00-113-3568 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Avl RFQ
KS16764L1F81-95 5905-00-113-3552 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Avl RFQ
KS20616L1A100 5905-01-090-1264 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
KS20616L1A10000 5905-00-031-3813 Resistor Fixed Film Avl RFQ
KS5842 5920-00-221-5668 Fuseholder Extractor Post Avl RFQ
KX16764L1F77-80 5905-00-113-1295 Resistor Fixed Wire Wound Avl RFQ
P210609 5310-00-995-8948 Nut Plain Hexagon Avl RFQ
P383799 5305-00-952-2695 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
S0B62661-1 5305-00-297-9102 Screw Shoulder Avl RFQ
S0B63005 5330-00-542-0599 Gasket Avl RFQ
S0B66464 5342-00-399-7239 Bracket Avl RFQ
SB-010013-PL FI.. 5330-01-437-8241 Gasket Avl RFQ
SB-010013-PL FI.. 5330-01-437-8240 Gasket Avl RFQ
SB-010013-PL FI.. 5330-01-437-8249 Gasket Avl RFQ
TP402717 5220-01-048-1858 Gage Teletype Avl RFQ

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