Pfizer Inc (CAGE Code 8M592, 98377, 14040) - List of NSN Parts

Are you looking for parts from the manufacturer Pfizer Inc (CAGE Code 8M592, 98377, 14040)? Just Parts Unlimited, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, stocks hundreds of parts from Pfizer Inc including DIFLUCAN INJ 400MG 200ML FLEXBAG, NDC00409-1587-50, NDC00071-0158-23, FRAGMIN 25 000 IU ML, NDC00409 4712 01. ASAP makes it easy for our customers to quickly find the part they need, avoiding the hassle of part procurement. Customer service drives everything we do. Unlike other companies, every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who works around-the-clock to meet any and all customer expectations and needs. Our extensive supply chain is deliberately set up to support expedited shipping, same day delivery and any AOG needs. Submit a request for quote today and experience the simplified ASAP method today.

CAGE Code: 8M592, 98377, 14040, 0439B, 4UHK6, 1L435, 5M836, 86491, 7L200, 8R938, 82727, B0010

DIFLUCAN INJ 40.. 6505-01-319-6652 Fluconazole Injecti Avl RFQ
NDC00409-1587-5.. 6505-00-149-3500 Bupivacaine Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00071-0158-2.. 6505-01-548-3901 Atorvastatin Calciu Avl RFQ
FRAGMIN 25 000 .. 6505-01-569-3902 Dalteparin Sodium I Avl RFQ
NDC00409 4712 0.. 6505-01-344-5265 Lidocaine Hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00069-4320-6.. 6505-01-139-4459 Prazosin Hydrochlor Avl RFQ
NDC00013-5301-1.. 6505-01-387-7646 Rifabutin Capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00409-5084-1.. 6505-01-228-0009 Ceftazidime For Inj Avl RFQ
NDC00069-0540-7.. 6505-00-684-8737 Penicillin G Procai Avl RFQ
NDC00013-0102-2.. 6505-01-443-7133 Sulfasalazine Table Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0225-0.. 6505-00-118-1794 Clindamycin Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC 0009 5136 0.. 6505-01-549-8707 Linezolid Oral Susp Avl RFQ
NDC00025-1851-3.. 6505-01-135-4251 Verapamil Tablets U Avl RFQ
1647 6505-01-273-2405 Ampicillin And Sulb Avl RFQ
NDC00071-0418-1.. 6505-01-153-3379 Nitroglycerin Table Avl RFQ
NDC00009-5137-0.. 6505-01-658-4335 Linezolid Injection Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0421-9.. 6505-01-023-1051 Propranolol Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0870-2.. 6505-01-185-3309 Clindamycin Injecti Avl RFQ
NDC00663-4310-8.. 6505-01-253-0648 Prazosin Hydrochloride Capsules Usp Avl RFQ
4450 6505-01-253-0648 Prazosin Hydrochloride Capsules Usp Avl RFQ
NDC00009-3329-0.. 6505-01-354-3148 Clindamycin Phosphate Topical Suspe Avl RFQ
6495 6505-00-156-1990 Penicillin G Procai Avl RFQ
1001DERM0PLAST 6505-00-347-2291 Benzocaine Benzetho Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0286-0.. 6505-01-246-1917 Medroxyprogesterone Avl RFQ
1627 6505-00-584-2568 Streptomycin Sulfat Avl RFQ
NDC00995-0480-6.. 6505-00-931-0696 Penicillin G Potass Avl RFQ
4445 6505-01-039-6321 Prazosin Hydrochlor Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0867-9.. 6505-00-131-9269 Estrogens Conjugate Avl RFQ
DEFENSOR 3 6505-01-546-0905 Rabies Vaccine Vete Avl RFQ
NDC00009-5137-0.. 6505-01-520-3846 Linezolid Injection Avl RFQ
NDC60793-0854-0.. 6505-01-145-8137 Levothyroxine Sodiu Avl RFQ
NDC00663-3230-6.. 6505-01-137-4628 Piroxicam Capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00069-2660-7.. 6505-01-322-2106 Nifedipine Extended Avl RFQ
NDC00046-1015-0.. 6505-00-085-0226 Epinephrine Bitartr Avl RFQ
1626 6505-01-051-9255 Streptomycin Sulfat Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0421-8.. 6505-00-106-7395 Propranolol Hydroch Avl RFQ
FRAGMIN 12 500 .. 6505-01-569-4277 Dalteparin Sodium I Avl RFQ
NDC00069-5440-9.. 6505-00-783-6699 Hydroxyzine Pamoate Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0424-8.. 6505-00-106-7399 Propranolol Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0018-2.. 6505-01-588-7658 Methylprednisolone Avl RFQ
2745 6505-00-269-5834 Hydroxyzine Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0775-2.. 6505-01-177-1982 Clindamycin Injecti Avl RFQ
2749 6505-01-042-6501 Hydroxyzine Pamoate Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0422-9.. 6505-01-239-9764 Propranolol Hydrochloride Tablets U Avl RFQ
NDC60793-0852-0.. 6505-01-188-5387 Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets Usp Avl RFQ
NDC00069-2610-6.. 6505-01-242-0950 Nifedipine Capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00069-2600-6.. 6505-01-126-3842 Nifedipine Capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0424-6.. 6505-01-203-2147 Propranolol Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00409-6637-3.. 6505-00-216-5370 Sodium Bicarbonate Avl RFQ
NDC000046007104 6505-01-041-6902 Protective Skin Cre Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0190-1.. 6505-01-492-5896 Methylprednisolone Sodium Succinate Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0055-0.. 6505-01-140-3199 Alprazolam Tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00409-1443-0.. 6505-00-299-9496 Norepinephrine Bita Avl RFQ
FRAGMIN 5 000 I.. 6505-01-569-4607 Dalteparin Sodium I Avl RFQ
NDC00409-1215-0.. 6505-01-533-4126 Naloxone Hydrochlor Avl RFQ
NDC00995 0520 9.. 6505-01-042-4793 Penicillin G Potass Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0039-2.. 6505-01-588-5655 Methylprednisolone Avl RFQ
NDC00025-0061-5.. 6505-00-074-4702 Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride And Atr Avl RFQ
NDC00069-0223-0.. 6505-01-569-4347 Dalteparin Sodium I Avl RFQ
1478 6505-01-145-1272 Nifedipine Capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0864-8.. 6505-01-188-8071 Estrogens Conjugated Tablets Usp Avl RFQ
NDC00069-3060-3.. 6505-01-449-1635 Azithromycin Tablet Avl RFQ
NDC00049-0024-2.. 6505-01-411-8713 Ampicillin And Sulb Avl RFQ
NDC99949-4910-7.. 6505-01-395-9406 Sertraline Hydrochloride Tablets Avl RFQ
CERENIA 60MG - .. 6509-01-626-2229 Cerenia Avl RFQ
P52605-0030 4820-00-419-8982 Valve Regulating Fluid Pressure Avl RFQ
NDC00025-1001-5.. 6505-00-926-8996 Spironolactone Tabl Avl RFQ
NDC00049-0520-8.. 6505-01-445-9244 Penicillin G Potass Avl RFQ
NDC00069-0217-0.. 6505-01-569-3859 Dalteparin Sodium I Avl RFQ
NDC00069-3150-8.. 6505-01-459-0414 Azithromycin For In Avl RFQ
NDC00409-2287-6.. 6505-01-523-2367 Ketorolac Trometham Avl RFQ
NDC00409-1539-3.. 6505-01-505-6025 Lorazepam Injection Avl RFQ
NDC00409-1187-0.. 6505-01-104-0399 Droperidol Injectio Avl RFQ
NDC00409-2344-0.. 6505-01-491-7667 Dobutamine Injectio Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0428-6.. 6505-01-203-2146 Propranolol Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0421-6.. 6505-01-203-3381 Propranolol Hydroch Avl RFQ
1463 6505-00-985-7018 Streptomycin Inject Avl RFQ
NDC 0049 3180 3.. 6505-01-549-8703 Vorikonazol Avl RFQ
1505 6505-01-320-2042 Nifedipine Extended Avl RFQ
KER0DEX51 6505-00-682-7695 Protective Skin Cre Avl RFQ
NDC00069-3940-8.. 6505-01-194-2236 Chlorpropamide Tabl Avl RFQ
NDC00409-1171-0.. 6505-01-505-5281 Diltiazem Hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00049-3450-1.. 6505-01-507-7331 Fluconazole For Ora Avl RFQ
MINIZIDE 5 6505-01-139-4460 Prazosin Hydrochlor Avl RFQ
DIFLUCAN SOL IV.. 6505-01-319-6652 Fluconazole Injecti Avl RFQ
570153.6 6509-01-493-3405 Atipamezole Hydrochloride Inject Avl RFQ
NDC00009-3447-0.. 6505-01-273-9715 Clindamycin Injecti Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0927-8.. 6505-01-168-4399 Magaldrate Tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0050-1.. 6505-01-289-9825 Medroxyprogesterone Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0434-8.. 6505-01-250-2826 Griseofulvin Tablet Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0509-0.. 6505-01-231-7274 Gonadorelin Hydrochloride For Injec Avl RFQ
4361 6505-00-765-0823 Hydroxyzine Pamoate Avl RFQ
NDC00069-5420-6.. 6505-01-156-2032 Hydroxyzine Pamoate Avl RFQ
NDC00069-5460-8.. 6505-01-085-0367 Hydroxyzine Hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00046-0933-9.. 6505-01-155-4171 Magaldrate Oral Sus Avl RFQ

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