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CAGE Code: 04368

Part Number NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
E1653-1 5306-00-107-9076 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP25116 5306-01-532-0328 bolt ring Avl RFQ
1242077LC 5340-01-677-6194 loopstrap fastener Avl RFQ
PMP96250 2540-01-452-3770 coupler drawbar ring Avl RFQ
PMP50323M4 2590-01-602-3587 link hoisting vehicle Avl RFQ
49B6564 5306-00-586-0844 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP04500 5306-01-547-3827 bolt ring Avl RFQ
T-5100 5306-01-407-1763 bolt eye Avl RFQ
HF0610138 2540-01-538-7223 coupler drawbar rin Avl RFQ
PMP11211 5306-01-624-7627 bolt ring Avl RFQ
542-L-TC 6250-01-341-7894 ballast lamp Avl RFQ
PMP10111 5306-01-199-3400 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP25111 5310-01-531-7142 nut self locking plate Avl RFQ
T3107 4310-01-212-8285 ring assembly lifting tie down Avl RFQ
SMC555540 5306-01-624-7627 bolt ring Avl RFQ
48B7796-ZN 5306-01-268-5543 bolt ring Avl RFQ
06-17047-88 5306-01-352-3154 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP82150 5310-01-407-1620 nut plain plate Avl RFQ
PMP05134 5306-01-385-6991 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP05112 5365-01-566-0720 ring connecting round Avl RFQ
1333720 5306-01-149-6274 bolt ring Avl RFQ
48B7796 5306-01-131-0741 bolt ring Avl RFQ
538-MV-6 6320-01-215-1133 cable control Avl RFQ
T3109 5306-00-110-4024 bolt eye Avl RFQ
PMP05111 5306-01-476-5390 bolt ring Avl RFQ
6002-1 5306-01-076-4878 bolt ring Avl RFQ
E1653-2 5306-00-107-9076 bolt ring Avl RFQ
AF48B7796 1670-00-294-2954 ring assy cargo tie Avl RFQ
MS21236-2B 5306-01-199-3400 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP35360 5306-01-439-3754 bolt swivel handle Avl RFQ
13229E9629-3 5306-01-386-5287 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP50323-M3 5306-01-570-4148 bolt eye Avl RFQ
PMP11505 5365-01-361-0034 ring connecting round Avl RFQ
13229E9629-4 5306-01-386-5274 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP08511 5306-01-225-8441 bolt eye Avl RFQ
PMPO9532 5306-01-535-3803 bolt ring Avl RFQ
54B6236 5310-01-111-2642 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
X128283 5306-00-496-0438 bolt u Avl RFQ
64B1665 5307-01-345-3832 stud plain Avl RFQ
12417913 4030-01-618-0783 hook hoist Avl RFQ
PMP09214 5306-01-326-7575 bolt ring Avl RFQ
RF-1500 5340-01-423-9850 pad eye Avl RFQ
21237L 5306-01-388-1818 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP82105 5340-01-458-0970 plate mounting Avl RFQ
PMP10143 5365-01-609-1650 ring dee Avl RFQ
R-6250 3920-00-868-6268 lunette eye Avl RFQ
PMP35013 5306-01-656-2535 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP06531 5306-01-535-1927 bolt ring Avl RFQ
54B6236-2 5310-01-439-8202 nut plain plate Avl RFQ
PMP17514 5306-01-323-7927 bolt ring Avl RFQ
48B7385 5306-01-057-7199 bolt ring Avl RFQ
DR209 5365-01-372-5091 ring dee Avl RFQ
PMP00105 5306-01-612-5797 bolt eye Avl RFQ
21237LF 5306-01-377-1544 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP-35014 5306-01-254-6349 bolt ring Avl RFQ
AF54B6236 5310-01-044-2281 nut plain plate Avl RFQ
4867796 5306-01-111-2639 bolt ring Avl RFQ
PMP82125 5310-01-533-4459 nut plain plate Avl RFQ

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