Smith And Smith Aircraft Co (CAGE Code 0CVN0, 2N719, 28298) - List of NSN Parts

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CAGE Code: 0CVN0, 2N719, 28298

EE5383 6105-00-306-4694 Gear Assy Motor Avl RFQ
291-954322 6220-00-959-5698 Panel Indicating Light Transmitt Avl RFQ
M5226M1 3020-00-571-9148 Gear Bevel Avl RFQ
200-42100 5330-00-612-7234 Seal Avl RFQ
1439L997-3 1620-00-076-6755 Parts Kit Shock Abs Avl RFQ
249-54274 3040-00-612-4793 Connecting Link Rig Avl RFQ
159-54057 3040-00-373-6452 Connecting Link Rig Avl RFQ
174-53098 1560-00-035-2508 Bow Assembly Instrument Hood Avl RFQ
159-54326 5975-00-304-9748 Panel Blank Avl RFQ
249-54279 5340-00-612-4797 Clevis Rod End Avl RFQ
EE4634 5360-01-230-8868 Spring Helical Torsion Avl RFQ
159-315684 3040-00-198-7724 Connecting Link Rigid Avl RFQ
M12194 6105-00-837-9421 Motor Direct Curren Avl RFQ
305-230068-3 1560-00-116-7631 Fairing Aircraft Avl RFQ
249-56358-5 3040-00-654-4188 Connecting Link Rig Avl RFQ
M1479 5310-00-245-0812 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
767817-1 1620-00-594-4317 Rod End Retraction Cylinder Avl RFQ
159-24502-5 3040-00-233-4133 Connecting Link Rigid Avl RFQ
EE323 5930-00-252-3438 Switch Sensitive Avl RFQ
7S37-4-36 5305-00-144-0339 Screw Close Tolerance Avl RFQ
50151 4820-00-474-0492 Valve Bleeder Hydra Avl RFQ
159-21409-9 1560-00-035-2386 Support Structural Component Air Avl RFQ
249-530112 1680-01-271-6044 Handle Ejection Sea Avl RFQ
159-42145-13 2915-00-674-8620 Valve Fuel Air Mixture Control A Avl RFQ
200-47094 5330-00-376-6513 Seal Nonmetallic Sp Avl RFQ
M-5231 5330-00-339-4910 Gasket Avl RFQ
EE1293 5930-00-142-6959 Switch Sensitive Avl RFQ
171-31561 1560-00-657-8817 Lever Bracket Stowage Avl RFQ
159-33301-1 1560-00-198-6927 Door Aircraft Avl RFQ
EE2891 1680-00-370-4260 Shaft Avl RFQ
1104322 5330-01-156-9440 Retainer Seal Avl RFQ
159-315200 5360-00-326-2741 Spring Helical Torsion Avl RFQ
159-52417 1630-00-198-3382 Detent Plate Avl RFQ
M1934 3020-00-370-4295 Gear Bevel Avl RFQ
159-31067-1 5360-00-326-2733 Spring Helical Torsion Avl RFQ
181-31021 5360-01-310-9002 Spring Helical Extension Avl RFQ
EE2049M1 5305-00-151-3065 Screw Machine Avl RFQ
AA115-1 5310-00-370-4243 Washer Spring Tensi Avl RFQ
M3322 5310-00-596-9873 Washer Flat Avl RFQ
L5330328-003 5330-01-204-4022 Gasket Avl RFQ
151183-2 1630-00-851-9086 Brake Segmented Rotor Avl RFQ
159-43097 1560-00-035-2447 Guard Idler Pulley Control Avl RFQ
159-34309-1 3130-00-376-6195 Bearing Unit Ball Avl RFQ
159-43096 1560-00-397-0752 Pulley Assembly Engine Control Avl RFQ
176925 600 5920-00-213-4838 Discharger Electrostatic Avl RFQ
300-635017-11 1560-00-104-5375 Support Structural Component Air Avl RFQ
159-43046 5342-00-197-9098 Bracket Engine Cont Avl RFQ
159-42154 1560-00-251-5215 Muff Hot Air Carburetor Avl RFQ
288-533327-1 1660-01-310-7129 Duct Assembly Air Conditioning H Avl RFQ
189-470003 1560-00-562-6928 Tank Lubricating Oil Aircraft Avl RFQ
EE730 5977-00-142-6496 Holder Assembly Electrical Conta Avl RFQ
L5337790-013 5970-01-204-1012 Insulator Washer Avl RFQ
2570430 3120-00-798-2231 Bushing Sleeve Avl RFQ
LD411-0018-006 6150-01-260-6139 Lead Electrical Avl RFQ
300-535141 1680-00-132-7942 Bracket Assy Seat Avl RFQ
159-53360-7 4710-00-506-6274 Tube Assembly Metal Avl RFQ
EE89 5340-00-432-6773 Retainer Avl RFQ
174-48188-1 4730-00-213-4982 Elbow Tube To Boss Avl RFQ
249-56605 5306-01-305-6024 Bolt Shoulder Avl RFQ
WM4 598 1680-00-484-5178 Actuator Mechanical Avl RFQ
159-48029 4730-00-692-1878 Elbow Hose Avl RFQ
159-52362-5 1560-00-247-4563 Fork Aileron Control Avl RFQ
174 53095 1560-00-035-2505 Bow Assembly Instrument Hood Avl RFQ
EE1179M17 5305-00-286-2092 Screw Externally Relieved Body Avl RFQ
EE438 6105-00-471-8768 Retainer Insulating Avl RFQ
171-31557-1 1560-00-312-9994 Bracket Structural Component Air Avl RFQ
EE5275 1680-01-222-2921 Housing Commutator Avl RFQ
148660MST2 1630-00-541-8248 Brake Segmented Rotor Avl RFQ
305-523331-3 1680-00-118-2760 Piston Reduced Spoi Avl RFQ
159-31811 1560-00-198-7267 Canopy Movable Avl RFQ
159-47070 5330-00-376-6223 Gasket Avl RFQ
159-34304-10 5360-00-376-6193 Spring Helical Extension Avl RFQ
7S15-416-27 5305-01-317-2631 Screw Close Tolerance Avl RFQ
44D11482 1560-01-128-0724 Mount Assembly Avl RFQ
149554 5320-00-506-7760 Rivet Tubular Avl RFQ
EE4681 6105-00-093-7378 Spring Brake Avl RFQ
M8000M163 3110-00-554-3256 Bearing Ball Annular Avl RFQ
310-420060-33 4710-01-321-3275 Tube Assembly Metal Avl RFQ
249-520118-21 1680-01-310-0554 Handle Assembly Eje Avl RFQ
M4241-275 1680-00-484-5174 Shaft Assembly Flex Avl RFQ
M5065 1680-00-303-8217 Fitting Assy Bushin Avl RFQ
159-315121-3 5315-00-297-7079 Pin Shoulder Headless Avl RFQ
159-52022 5360-00-376-6243 Spring Helical Torsion Avl RFQ
300-540124-21 6220-00-833-3903 Panel Indicating Light Transmitt Avl RFQ
L5441138 013 5975-01-247-7743 Box Connector Electrical Avl RFQ
159-33113 5365-00-541-9904 Spacer Sleeve Avl RFQ
159-33336-1 1560-00-187-6227 Door Aircraft Avl RFQ
159-54132-5 5975-00-376-6346 Conduit Assembly Metal Flexible Avl RFQ
122085-063-16AL 1680-00-314-0093 Shaft Assembly Flexible Avl RFQ
159-54154 1560-00-187-8420 Cover Access Aircraft Avl RFQ
172525A 1620-00-676-2360 Parts Kit Avl RFQ
M1598M1 1680-00-874-7051 Gear And Bearing Assembly Avl RFQ
AA211-004-006 5365-00-370-4245 Shim Avl RFQ
159-31901 5340-00-222-5470 Mount Resilient General Purpose Avl RFQ
M8000M136 3110-00-554-5609 Bearing Ball Annular Avl RFQ

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