U S Dept Of Veterans Affairs - List of NSN Parts

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CAGE Code: 88009

ZEB72288 7530-01-473-2525 Label Avl RFQ
X1005 7125-00-071-3375 Shelving Storage An Avl RFQ
TVAM4297 7350-00-205-0928 Dispenser Paper Napkin Avl RFQ
TT39 7350-00-410-9497 Lid Disposable Cup Avl RFQ
S4051 KENDALL M.. 6505-01-235-0348 Sodium Chloride Inj Avl RFQ
PMF-00012 7530-01-398-9753 Paper Copying Therm Avl RFQ
PL4 FORT JAMES 7350-01-454-3239 Lid Disposable Cup Avl RFQ
P040 FORT JAMES 7350-00-290-0582 Cup Disposable Avl RFQ
NO. 34870-9 6505-01-244-4814 Docusate Sodium Sol Avl RFQ
NDC54391-0026-0.. 6505-01-286-6524 Calcium Carbonate T Avl RFQ
NDC51079-0237-3.. 6505-01-244-4814 Docusate Sodium Sol Avl RFQ
NDC51039-0605-0.. 6505-01-290-7654 Protamine Sulfate I Avl RFQ
NDC50962-0125-1.. 6505-01-009-1156 Potassium Chloride Avl RFQ
NDC47679-0236-3.. 6505-01-229-2174 Isosorbide Dinitrat Avl RFQ
NDC10592-0001-0.. 6505-01-221-8656 Oils Of Cajeput And Avl RFQ
NDC00832-0304-0.. 6505-01-248-5398 Chlorpromazine Hydr Avl RFQ
NDC00686 0935 8.. 6505-00-334-1847 Triamcinolone Aceto Avl RFQ
NDC00536 4027 0.. 6505-00-733-4841 Methocarbamol Table Avl RFQ
NDC00535-0011-0.. 6505-01-152-5834 Butalbital Acetamin Avl RFQ
NDC00182-1354-1.. 6505-01-155-0513 Dipyridamole Tablet Avl RFQ
NDC00182-1101-1.. 6505-01-062-3552 Acetaminophen Capsu Avl RFQ
NDC00182-0474-0.. 6505-00-735-3559 Chlorpromazine Hydr Avl RFQ
NDC00182 1330 0.. 6505-00-502-7853 Metronidazole Table Avl RFQ
MA-98-81 6505-01-090-8127 Doxepin Hydrochlori Avl RFQ
MA-88-81 6505-01-059-9007 Guaifenesin Syrup U Avl RFQ
MA-6-79 6505-00-227-8764 Nandrolone Decanoat Avl RFQ
MA-133-81 6505-01-103-2872 Chlorthalidone Tabl Avl RFQ
MA-126-83 6532-01-164-9440 Slacks Surgical Wom Avl RFQ
MA 89-288 6505-01-300-2115 Ceftazidime For Inj Avl RFQ
LA0017-CARE 8520-01-292-0803 Shampoo Avl RFQ
L20-2602-SWPI 7690-01-387-0172 Label Avl RFQ
L20-2602-SWG 7690-01-387-0385 Label Avl RFQ
IF 01 7510-01-385-7208 Ribbon Inking Avl RFQ
FMI-048 EFP SOU.. 7350-01-107-1125 Pitcher Water Avl RFQ
F-314 6532-01-338-6497 Trousers Mens Paja Avl RFQ
F-305 6532-01-338-7559 Coat Mans Pajama Avl RFQ
F-303 6532-01-338-7557 Coat Mans Pajama Avl RFQ
F-302 6532-01-338-7556 Coat Mans Pajama Avl RFQ
F-301 6532-01-338-7555 Coat Mans Pajama Avl RFQ
F-300 6532-01-338-7554 Coat Mans Pajama Avl RFQ
EPA 48520-8 PHO.. 7930-01-241-5234 Cleaning Compound A Avl RFQ
E822 REGO CORP 7350-01-290-9814 Bowl Eating Avl RFQ
E819 7350-01-290-6462 Cup Drinking Avl RFQ
DM-09 6505-01-333-3957 Hemodialysis Soluti Avl RFQ
CST 205 6532-01-273-8507 Gown Hospital Perso Avl RFQ
CN-02 6505-01-370-4154 Sodium Chloride Inj Avl RFQ
CLENA FORM 1 7930-01-293-0887 Cleaning Compound S Avl RFQ
CF1180972 CJ92 .. 7920-01-555-0262 Duster Refill Avl RFQ
BP-200 DIAL MED.. 6505-01-147-0707 Sodium Bicarbonate Avl RFQ
BERKITE 4 PHOEN.. 7930-01-241-5234 Cleaning Compound A Avl RFQ
B3158 2 6550-01-341-3780 Sodium Chloride Sol Avl RFQ
AC-2406 DIAL ME.. 6505-01-347-2619 Hemodialysis Soluti Avl RFQ
AC 1010 6505-01-353-4660 Hemodialysis Soluti Avl RFQ
A55345120 7530-01-406-0773 Paper Duplicating C Avl RFQ
97103 MEDI SENS.. 6550-01-302-5100 Test Strips Glucose Avl RFQ
81602-NON AMERI.. 7360-01-207-0037 Dining Packet Avl RFQ
81602 NON DIVER.. 7360-01-207-0037 Dining Packet Avl RFQ
7823 6505-01-279-0960 Sodium Chlorde Solu Avl RFQ
7530-00-612-400.. 7530-01-378-9215 Envelope Photograph Avl RFQ
71P450 9905-00-690-6992 Plaque Award Avl RFQ
6835 6508-00-782-8073 Emollient Lotion Avl RFQ
6532001978201 6532-00-197-8201 Hood Operating Surg Avl RFQ
62616 6532-01-371-6854 Diaper Adults Avl RFQ
62312 6532-01-371-5065 Diaper Adults Avl RFQ
536 A55345120 7530-01-406-0773 Paper Duplicating C Avl RFQ
5322 (MEDIUM 6532-01-288-1700 Slippers Convalesce Avl RFQ
5322 (MEDIUM 6532-01-288-1888 Slippers Convalesce Avl RFQ
5322 (LARGE 6532-01-288-1889 Slippers Convalesce Avl RFQ
5322 (LARGE 6532-01-288-1701 Slippers Convalesce Avl RFQ
5130 TEKNA MEDI.. 6532-01-059-1768 Apron Surgeons Avl RFQ
5125 ALPHA THER.. 6505-00-680-2136 Albumin Human Usp Avl RFQ
5012-5000 7930-01-555-0261 Cleaner Industrial Avl RFQ
5000-VA TENNESS.. 9930-01-361-5764 Mortuary Pack Avl RFQ
4468-00 6508-01-050-2447 Skin Cleanser Medic Avl RFQ
27B750-50 7210-00-054-7911 Blanket Bed Avl RFQ
26B5963-40 7195-00-775-5293 Bulletin Board Avl RFQ
26B2081-10 7125-00-872-3060 Base Storage And Display Shelving Avl RFQ
2118 7210-01-304-0790 Mattress Bed Avl RFQ
2100BK08945 7510-01-473-3029 Ribbon Inking Avl RFQ
20445 8520-01-319-3353 Mouthwash Avl RFQ
2025300 6532-00-579-2569 Mask Face Aseptic Avl RFQ
2001 FLARE PROD.. 6532-00-207-6213 Cap Operating Surgi Avl RFQ
1SBSYR 6545-00-551-8344 Snake Bite Kit Avl RFQ
19 28341 00 7930-01-293-0887 Cleaning Compound S Avl RFQ
187-0610 KENDAL.. 6505-01-236-0126 Dextran 40 And Dext Avl RFQ
186-7725 6505-01-235-3697 Fructose Injection Avl RFQ
15608 7930-01-381-2540 Cleaning Compound T Avl RFQ
12210 7930-01-451-6302 Detergent General P Avl RFQ
09031 100 7930-01-543-2385 Towelette Sodium Hy Avl RFQ
0835-022-1027 5345-01-381-6034 Wheel Abrasive Avl RFQ
0415 6550-01-291-1119 Formaldehyde Soluti Avl RFQ
0415 6550-01-291-1158 Formaldehyde Soluti Avl RFQ
02-47-0292CS 8540-01-298-3293 Doily Paper Avl RFQ
01300 6508-00-782-8073 Emollient Lotion Avl RFQ
01001 6505-01-327-5421 Pancreatin Tablets Avl RFQ

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