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CAGE Code: 9J595

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Part Number NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
5749714-035 2090-01-541-7327 seat marine Avl RFQ
6002021-1 8105-01-252-3305 bag tools and spare parts Avl RFQ
5600947 2540-00-560-0947 cushion seat vehicu Avl RFQ
3141500-027-101S 5410-01-160-3056 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
20000220-9 1240-01-523-8892 case optical instrument Avl RFQ
107R6053-1 1560-00-073-2539 boot assembly Avl RFQ
3145500-006-103S 5410-01-165-9294 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
65362-05010-081 5340-00-163-5986 boot dust and moisture seal Avl RFQ
3-76068-2 5985-00-839-1264 cover antenna Avl RFQ
4-76040-501 1730-01-082-6397 cover aircraft ground servicing Avl RFQ
3141500-001-101S 5410-01-160-3058 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
3145500-006-102S 5410-01-165-9295 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
56C6112 1670-00-571-1020 bridle parachute Avl RFQ
59J6171 1670-00-841-0020 static line cargo p Avl RFQ
11450230-2 1420-01-354-9685 cover protective guided missile Avl RFQ
2-76130-1 1730-00-715-4530 cover aircraft ground servicing Avl RFQ
3141420-003-101 5410-00-332-9224 gore flashing assembly Avl RFQ
114R6055-17 5340-00-055-2914 boot dust and moisture seal Avl RFQ
114G1024-1 1730-00-907-7676 shield aircraft ground servicing Avl RFQ
70500-02056-043 5340-01-496-5565 strap webbing Avl RFQ
17-2-0648-1 3940-01-494-1543 cargo net trailer Avl RFQ
363092-3 1680-00-898-6403 curtain lavatory Avl RFQ
546-7935-004 5985-00-733-6048 case antenna Avl RFQ
389577-1 1560-00-069-8189 insulation joint urinal drain Avl RFQ
1680EG033 1680-00-169-0656 harnessaircraft safetyshoulder Avl RFQ
3141500-128-11S 5410-01-165-9284 molding Avl RFQ
65502-02116-041 1680-00-068-1103 cushion assy seat b Avl RFQ
3141800-023-101 5340-01-156-9759 strap webbing Avl RFQ
3142210-052-111 5410-01-067-1605 strip assembly weather Avl RFQ
185848-1 1660-00-369-0526 diffuser air aircraft heating an Avl RFQ
3145500-011-102S 5410-01-165-9292 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
185848-6 1660-01-011-3265 separator water aircraft air con Avl RFQ
11733753 1240-01-043-7502 cover fire control instrument Avl RFQ
205-070-676-1 1560-00-403-0624 cover assembly plyo Avl RFQ
373751-1 1680-00-672-0489 cover seat back cus Avl RFQ
3141500-010-101 5410-00-332-9226 ground skirt assembly Avl RFQ
3145500-007-101S 5410-01-165-9290 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
4010603-10 1560-00-650-3318 floor aircraft Avl RFQ
5811863-37 REV D 1660-00-719-9723 cover assy seat pan Avl RFQ
11509146 1260-01-243-4546 pouch cover Avl RFQ
65208-04042-041 1560-00-078-6606 cover assembly cargo floor joint Avl RFQ
68A731049-1001 8105-01-012-0381 bag part storage Avl RFQ
651-477 1660-01-067-9270 head strap oxygen mask Avl RFQ
65-23254-2 1680-00-818-5068 curtain assembly aircraft windsh Avl RFQ
65720-50006-041 1730-01-152-9854 shield aircraft ground servicing Avl RFQ
25-25948-17 1450-01-176-5214 safety net assembly Avl RFQ
3145500-007-103S 5410-01-165-9301 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
11455616 5985-01-091-6831 cover antenna Avl RFQ
5122505-005-105 4720-01-614-0034 hose assembly air duct Avl RFQ
371050-2 1560-00-626-9639 blanket assy insula Avl RFQ
358059-1 1560-00-659-0488 cover assembly scavenger pump Avl RFQ
556530 1650-00-688-9812 filter element fluid Avl RFQ
185848-2 1660-00-280-6092 coalescer separator water Avl RFQ
17-2-0647-1 3940-01-535-4258 cargo net hmmwv Avl RFQ
206-070-875-5 1560-00-222-9262 blanket assy acoust Avl RFQ
11442740 5985-01-158-2557 cover antenna Avl RFQ
3141420-003-101S 5410-01-160-3057 flashing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
363092-2 1680-00-898-6402 curtain lavatory Avl RFQ
25458-1 1680-01-493-3529 cushion assembly se Avl RFQ
697107-3 1680-00-763-4239 cushion seat back aircraft Avl RFQ
252604-1 5340-01-007-4402 strap webbing Avl RFQ
4010619-40 1560-00-711-7068 panel insulation cockpit Avl RFQ
5961355-2 5340-01-283-6745 strap webbing Avl RFQ
5811863-37 1660-00-719-9723 cover assy seat pan Avl RFQ
4-76024-1 1730-00-022-8921 cover aircraft ground servicing Avl RFQ
39-5228 1560-00-651-3284 retainer pilot chute canister Avl RFQ
3141500-009-101 5410-00-332-9263 counterflashing assembly Avl RFQ
17-2-0648-1TN 3940-01-514-1650 cargo net trailer t Avl RFQ
4010618-26 1560-00-711-7067 panel insulation cockpit Avl RFQ
5122505-005-107 4720-01-613-9480 hose assembly air duct Avl RFQ
107R6053-50 1560-00-073-2540 jacket assembly Avl RFQ
211F338 2540-01-101-3994 cover fitted vehicular body Avl RFQ

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