FSG 43 Pumps AND Compressors

At Just Parts Unlimited, we want to make sure we provide the absolute best to our customers. When it comes to providing for the military we understand that it is crucial to have knowledge of each type of FSG and supply those parts accordingly. If you are military or government agency and you are in need of a part, Just Parts Unlimited is the place to go for a complete, simplified sourcing solution.

                One of the Federal Supply Groups that we have is FSG 43. This is the group that consists of all pumps and compressors. If you need any parts falling under this category of pumps and compressors, Just Parts Unlimited it the place to go.

The National Stock Number parts that we provide within Federal Supply Group 43 Pumps & Compressors include the following Federal Supply Codes:

Some of the parts that fall under this Federal Supply Group are compressors and vacuum pumps. This includes truck mounted and trailer mounted compressors. It excludes refrigeration compressors, which actually belong to federal supply group 46, FSC 4610.

It also includes power and hand pumps, except for laboratory jet pumps, which can be found in federal supply group 65 and 66. Centrifugal, separators, pressure and vacuum filters are also part of this group, however, laboratory centrifuges and water purification filters are not included in this. Those can be found in groups 65 and 66 as well.

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