Dassault’s UCAV project

Anglo-French is under speculation to continue their development on their latest project due to Europe’s current Brexit scandal. The production of the unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) is what is said to be at stake if companies do not decide to coincide.   Dassault, one of the main contributor to this project has stated to be very concerned to on the upcoming descions. 

Many companies are at a loss if the companies do not come to terms. Large companies such as Safran, Rolls Royce alongside their electronic components suppliers Thales and Leonardo. 

“France’s Dassault is partnered with UK-based BAE Systems under the future combat air system (FCAS) initiative agreed by the nations' governments in 2014 and reaffirmed in March 2016 at a summit in Amiens.” 

The relations began as a strong healthy partnership between the UK and the French when the Prime minister of the UK and the French president agreed to the second “stage” worth more over £1.54 billion ($1.87 billion US). 

With the scare of Brexit being imposed this year, the future of the production has not been as stable as before. France assures that they can and will take over the production if the UK decides to leave but may not be the right choice economically for their company.  

If the two companies come to terms and decided to pursue the project they will continue production immediately. The immediate production consists of the completion of two “full scale” prototypes. 

Per the Chief executive of Dassault, Eric Trappier he states that the prototypes would be a reassurance that the two companies have come to terms and can continue working together. The approximated flight launch for the new UCAVs would be around the year 2023. 

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CRJ900 aircraft

A new announcement came from commercial aircraft company Bombardier came in late March 2017, stating that CityJet, a Dublin-based regional carrier, is moving forward with four options that were included in the purchase agreement that was created earlier in the year. That agreement was composed of an order for six CRJ900 aircrafts and the option for four others in addition to the six. The order is estimated to run up a bill of roughly US $467 million.

According to the Vice President of Sales at Bombardier, Ryan DeBrusk, CityJet has become one of their largest European CRJ900 aircraft advocates in a relatively brief period of time. They claim the commercial aircraft is ideally suited to growing markets. The Vice President continues by saying that the organization is delighted that CityJet continues to put its confidence in Bombardier and its products. These two aircraft parts

The order brings an addition of 22 new CRJ 900 aircrafts to their fleet. Bombardier feels that CityJet has a belief in this aircraft being a key to growth strategy. The CRJ900 aircraft is already an extremely reliable and popular aircraft, especially in operation with SAS Scandinavian Airlines. In recent years alone, CityJet received twelve new CRJ900 aircraft, of which all are operated by SAS. This aircraft is said and believed to provide a great amount of excellent value to many operators worldwide.

This Bombardier Commercial Aircraft has revolutionized aviation as a whole since its creation. It has single-handedly and effectively stimulated the regional jet market. It is responsible for almost 20 percent of all jet departures in North America alone. Perhaps the popularity of the aircraft is widely due to the fact that is offers a huge savings in fuel bur, as well as impressive efficiency and performance.

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Nuri Upgrade

Asap Semi upgrades their systems monthly to keep up with competitors and innovated from other companies. We also like to upgrade things to keep up with suppliers and stay in the game. Airod recently gave Sikorsky their first upgrade to their S-61A-4 Nuri, which is a transport helicopter. This upgrade sound be good for at least ten years, which involves then receiving an all-new glass cockpit and the rotorcrafts avionics. This upgrade also changed the electronics to have a digital flight display and a moving map.

The first Nuri that got upgraded it took them five months to complete the process, this was done at Subang Airport which is on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. People don’t think the Nuri has had a lot of flight hours because of its age but has an estimate of 40,000 hours. With this upgrade, they airframe and components will be inspected and replaced if they don’t pass the test. At ASAP Semi, we like to know all parts and components of these Nuri so we can get all parts in stock, so they can just contact us for all replacement parts.

Bahari is looking for more projects to begin, they want to focus on the Lockhead Martin C-130 by upgrading the avionics and structure. The company has had great success in the past years with a $25-million-dollar deal with the US Navy, as well as upgrading the MRO for the Libyan air force. The next project that they are focusing on getting next is the upgrade of the cockpit and avionics for the Malaysia’s fleet of C-130’s. they plan on teaming up with Rockwell Collins a leader in aviation electronic solutions to get this deal because they feel like their knowledge can be a great help to being successful.

At Just Parts Unlimited we like to research aircrafts and find every part and their manufacturer that goes on the aircrafts, so when someone gets a deal like this we can stock our inventory. Projects like these are useful information to have and get our company name out there and gain ta good repetition from customers. 

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low fare brand level

On March 17th 2017, there was an article posted by Gregory Polek which talks about how International Airlines created a new brand that is targeted towards those that are money conscious in the market for low fares. This low fare brand will be called Level.

Level will start flying from Barcelona to Los Angeles and Oakland, California as well as Buenos Aires and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in June. Level will use its Airbus A330s which has 293 economy and 21 premium economy seats. Because of this new brand, there will be over 200 jobs that will be created in Barelona.

Although IAG will start it’s Level brand in Barcelona, the company places to explain to other European countries. Here is what IAG chief executive Willie Walsh had to say about this. “We’re really excited about the opportunities for expansion and we plan to bring Level to other European destinations.”

Level is considered to be IAG’s fifth main airline brand. The other airline brands are Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling. Walsh continues on by talking about Level. ““Level is an exciting new IAG airline brand which will bring a stylish and modern approach to flying at prices that are even more affordable,” said Walsh. “It will benefit from having the strength of one of the world's largest airline groups behind it…It will complement our existing airline portfolio and further diversify our current customer base.”

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Test Pilot Schools is something that catches our attention here at ASAP Semi since these school’s order plenty of parts for teaching purposes. Here at asap semi we provide the best price and the quickest lead time to keep programs like these going. Recently, QinetiQ a British multinational defence technology company signed a deal with Airbus to provide four H125 helicopters for their Test Pilot Program that manages alongside with the UK’s Ministry of Defense. This deal was worth about 15 million Euro, that will be invested in a 3-axis autopilot, traffic awareness system, and dedicated communications equipment. These things are critical parts for a successful flight test engineer training. Not only will this deal include these upgrades but also aircraft modifications and a plan that will help deliver full availability for 10 years. Hopefully by 2019 these new upgraded advanced aircrafts will be released.

Not only will this project be helped by Airbus, the UK’s Ministry of Defense has also invested 85 million Euros in ETPS to modernize the training. They want to assemble a fleet that performance is virtual and will provide the best value to make H125 a leader on the industry. MOD is not only excited for the new amazing helicopter that will be created but the improved programs available to customers. Airbus feels that this is a great investment because they want all training on pilots and engineers to be with Airbus Helicopters.  They are willing to do whatever it takes to make training successful.  With the investments from both companies they fell that this will reduce the operating cost, drive further growth, an enhance capabilities.  This also includes purchasing of eight new aircrafts for future proof and comprehensive update for the training. 

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Aeroplane Operations in Europe
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) welcomed the European Union (EU)’s acceptance of Commercial Air Transport (CAT) using Single-Engine Turbine aero planes at night or in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (SET-IMC) in Europe. Here at ASAP Semi we deal with many international customers. Having knowledge of projects going on around the world are great for us so that we can stock our inventory to accommodate orders that might be placed.  We are very knowledgeable of which parts go on specific airplanes and if not we have services to inform us.

The publication of these aero plane rules opens new markets and stands to improve connectivity across the continent. Europe is now aligned with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) standards for CAT operations. This publication also marks the end of a 20-year effort by manufacturing and regulators. These new guidelines and aero plane rules are based on demanding safety analysis, which in all contains the necessary safeguards to simplify this form of passenger transport via the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). It will greatly accelerate overnight cargo delivery and help provide efficient connectivity to Europe’s most remote regions. Beginning in the early 1990s, work on a regulatory framework for single-engine commercial operations is now common around the world. Such common operations that were issues in 2005 are based on ICAO standards. In 2012, GAMA, its several of the many association’s members, and EASA participated in a rulemaking group created to help develop the agency’s regulatory framework.

At Just Parts Unlimited we are constantly trying to find ways to build relationships across the world to make sure parts do not go to places they shouldn’t be going to. We want this world to be a safe place and with the regulations we have in place we try to avoid all situations that can affect us in the future. One reason why Just Parts Unlimited stands out from others is because it is not all about the money here, we don’t sell to anyone who is not approved and we make sure the parts work well. 

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Deal erupts for Hawaii Island Airlines and Bombardier

It has been reported that Bombardier Aerospace has entered an agreement with the Island Air, a Hawaiian island airline. The agreement will be a transfer of components to be able to supply them with a great deal of support towards their Q400 aircraft fleet. This exchanging of components has been named the Smart Parts programme.

The deal has been made of up of many parts including Bombardiers maintenance, repair, and overhaul MRO assistance for Island Airs aircrafts. Also, allowing Island Air to access a spare parts division that is of Bombardier access only. They will also implement on-site inventories located on Island Airs base in Honolulu, Hawaii.

CEO and president of Island Air assures that,

"When you add a new aircraft to your fleet, you want to be confident of excellent and guaranteed in-service support from the manufacturer.”

Followed by a reassuring statement of gratitude to Bombardier for their help in being able to gain a Q400 aircraft into their fleet. Island Air is currently involved in a lease contract as their way of obtaining the Q400 aircraft from Irelands Elix Aviation.

An approximated 150 airplanes, either the Q400 or C Series aircrafts have already been enrolled to be a part of the newest Smart Parts programme.

General Manager and Vice president of Bombardiers aircraft customer service respectfully speaks to say,

“With the Smart Parts programme, Island Air will benefit from superior parts availability and cost predictability as the airline renews its fleet with Q400 aircraft to expand its regional route network and enhance inter-island connectivity.”
Bombardier continues to provide exceptional service throughout the years to all its partners and customers. This is deal is to benefit both parties to able to expand their companies in various ways. Island Air believes that there should be a full guarantee and trust in the manufacture that provides in service support.

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Molex Impact zX2 Connector

On February 16 2017, there was an article posted on Intelligent Aerospace by Courtney E Howard talking about how Molex is introducing an impact zX2 backplane connection in order to satisfy the needs of high speed data. This Molex connector will allow users to have the ability to upgrade their line cards in order to meet data rates without having to do major overhauls to the already complicated infrastructure.

Here is what officials say about the Impact zX2 backplane connector system.

“The zX2 system is backward compatible with standard Impact headers, allowing current Impact customers to keep their existing architecture in place while upgrading their chassis’ data rates.”

This connector can handle speeds up to 28 gigabits per second while using Impal patented shields to enhance performance.

Here is what Liz Hardin, the global product manager of Molex has to say about the release of the Impact zX2 connector.

“The Impact Connector System was created to enable customers to design-in a high-density connector solution; with Impact zX2’s optimized signal integrity performance and ability to support more aggressive channel loss requirements, customers can extend the life of their Impact chassis.

Molex is an electronics solution company that helps many customers on a worldwide basis. The company does business to over 40 countries around the world and deal with different markets such as electronics, medical, industrial, and automotive.

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Pratt & Whitney Announces Joint-Certification For Airbus A320neo

Pratt & Whitney, a division of UTC (United Technologies Corp.) has announced they have obtained joint-type certification for the Airbus 321neo from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Airbus A321neo is powered by Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower Geared Turbofan engine and marks a significant milestone for the A320neo program and the entire PurePower engine family as a whole.

Through extensive and comprehensive testing Airbus has determined that the engine is meeting all of its performance targets which in essence validates the technology along with the value it presents to their esteemed customers. Airbus announced the Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engine in December 2010 over six years ago and Tom Pelland, Senior Vice President of Pratt & Whitney’s Commericial Engine Programs believes that the A320neo program continues to improve aircraft performance and operating economics while meeting and exceeding all of its commitment on emissions, fuel burn and noise.

With over 80 customers from over 30 countires, Pratt & Whitney’s customer base is still going strong and compared to the 737-800 engines, the PurePower GTF engine has blown its predecessor out of the water boasting reduced engine fuel consumption by 16%, noise foot print by 75% and regulated emissions by a whopping 50%.

Here at Just Parts Unlimited, we have a dedicated and expansive array of Pratt & Whitney products. We are your one-stop shop and go destination for a  simplified sourcing solution.

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Eurowings is continuing its move to get away from their past as a regional airline. They are retiring the last Bombardier CRJ-900 jet. The move comes as Eurowings unifies its fleet around the Airbus A320.

The last scheduled flight, which landed earlier, was from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden to Hamburg; Flight EW 4187. The aircraft was greeted by airport fire service at Hamburg airport with a blue light salute before it was discharged from the fleet.

Corresponding with its historical operations area, the Eurowings Bombardier fleet was designed as a regional airline within the Lufthansa Group. The aircraft is available in 200, 700 and 900 versions. They all have been in service at Eurowings during the intervening period. On April 6th 2001, the airline used its smallest version, the Bombardier CRJ-200, for its first flight. The company had 23 aircrafts of this type in the fleet with last CRJ-200 leaving the company in May 2012. They also moved two larger CRJ-700with 70 seats, to the larger CRJ-900 in April 2009. With one of the most consistent, largest and fastest fleet renewal programs of all the European airlines, they replaced this aircraft with 23 Airbus A320 that are twice the size in just a few months. While at the same time, the switch made it necessary to schedule appropriate retraining for the pilots and cabin crews. The whole transition is finally complete.

After 560,400 successful accident-free flight hours, there are no longer any Bombardier jets in active service. The technicians are now getting ready for the last three aircrafts with Eurowings registration for service with another airline. The Bombardier jets have four seats per row and a narrow central aisle. This means particularly bigger passengers have reservations about the regional jet. By using the Airbus A320 family consistently, the low-cost quality now provides their passengers with the same high comfort throughout the entire medium-haul fleet.

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