Bell Helicopter Rebrands to Bell

Bell Helicopter, a company and global manufacturer of aircrafts under Textron Inc., recently disclosed their rebranding to be known simply as “Bell.” By developing a new branding strategy along with created a more modern logo for the company, it can be noted that the company is focusing and planting their focus on both innovation and customer experience. Bell will follow through with the rebranding of the company within the next year.

President and CEO of Bell, Mitch Snyder, emphasizes that Bell does not only focus on helicopters. Their team focuses and for the past eighty years has been pushing their boundaries of flight and with this rebranding, hope to reflect this goal accurately. Snyder states that the rebranding to Bell will portray the company’s goal of innovation without taking away from their main goal and mission of supplying safe and unmatched experiences to their customers.

The most obvious and notable update, besides the brand name change, is the company’s new modernized logo. Bell hoped to put the spotlight on the fast pursuit of flight by depicting a dragonfly, while also rooting the logo with a shield, which portrays Bell’s unrivaled reputation in both reliability and quality. Snyder notes that the dragonfly is known to have abilities of taking off and landing as it pleases. They are fast and efficient in all directions and can hover at will. The dragonfly, according to Snyder, symbolizes the “mastery of flight,” which is a goal Bell hopes to also achieve.

 Bell recently held hands with FutureBrand, a global strategic brand that also focuses in design consultancy. FutureBrand was chosen to lead the company’s first rebranding since Textron Inc. acquired the defense portion of Bell Aircraft Corporation in 1960 (parts of these businesses went on to become Bell Helicopter). The process of rebranding began in the summer of 2017. The rebranding helped the company to shift focus onto the company’s communications, which more accurately reflected how employees go above the means to bring the best experience of flight to customers.

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Heli-Expo 2018

The largest helicopter trade show and exhibition in the world, the Heli-Expo, starts on February 26th and goes on until March 1st in Las Vegas, Nevada. Honeywell, the world renowned company, is determined to turn eyes with their up-to-date technical products along with information in regards to maintenance for their turboshaft engines.

Jim Ebken, who is Honeywell’s principle product support engineer, will give an outline of the T53, LTS101, and HTS900, all of which are turboshaft engines. Ebken will give an overview of Honeywell’s latest engine operational data and will talk about the improvements in technical areas and goals for the engines.

Ebken will also be talking about Honeywell’s improvements in 2018, which includes lowering the cost of performance enhancements, along with the extensive cycle life power turbine rotor, which will help to save operators both time and money. He stated that Honeywell continuously looks for input on better ways to improve their products and supports for customers in regards to their performance, quality and reliability. He believes this is a good opportunity for customers like light helicopter operators and aircraft technicians to voice their needs and be heard. This will allow for individuals to obtain the information they need to make sure their missions and goals are successful.

The technical briefing for the T53 will be held on February 27, followed by Ebkens LTS101/HTS900 briefing. A long term member of the HAI Technical Committee will give a presentation and an update on the latest HAI Tech Committee Briefing on the Risk Assessment for Maintenance the same day. These presentations, which are sponsored by the HAI Technical Committee, meet the requirements of the FAA for the training hours that go towards the renewal of inspection authorization certificates.

The Helicopter Association International Heli-Expo, which is held each year, has an estimated attendance of almost 20,000 individuals. HAI is the premier venue for the global helicopter industry, and is the best gateway to learn about the latest helicopter solutions and also build good relationships.

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Airbus Helicopter

For the year 2017, Airbus Helicopter has noticed a slight decline in their sales due to various factors in the industry. Speculation In the market states that larger more heavier helicopters are no longer needed or wanted due to the fact that companies are buying medium sized helicopters that have almost similar potential at a fraction of the cost.

Airbus has witnessed their sales to be shifting down ward from last years sales; Selling 418 rotorcraft handed in 2016 to 409 in the year 2017.

“Gross orders were 350 units, down from 388 in 2016, while net orders stood at 335, against 353 for the previous 12 months.”

Airbus has seen a decrease with a particular model the offshore H225 heavy twins having no orders recorded for the year 2017.

Although they have not been able to record any orders for the Offshore aircraft, Airbus has been able to secure 54 orders for the Super Puma family. No orders for the H225 Aircrafts may have been a factor of its safety issues

This deal included 10 smaller H215 aircrafts and also included an agreement with the Kuwaiti Airforce and National Guard for an order of 30 aircrafts.

One of the contributing factor for the decline of offshore H225 aircraft was caused by safety issues that ended in a fatal crash in Norway in 2016.

Airbus Helicopter Chief executive, Guillaume Faury states the price of crude oil will not change any habits for offshore passenger.

 "I do not think the recovery, or partial recovery, of the oil price will have a positive impact on the helicopter industry over the next couple of years."

Airbus continues to set high standards to meet for the near future to be able to execute 400 delivers in 2018.

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MA700 turboprop

The AVIC has been working continuous on the competition of their newest aircraft, the MA700 turboprop. AVIC has been able to begin their process in bringing their aircraft to life by starting their aircrafts flaps and cargo doors. AVIC is having both these essential parts made by their sub dairies to facilitate their work and take advantage of their resources.

One of the Sub diaries can be located in Xian while another is located in Shenyang. The release of the technical specifications has been stated shortly after the manufacture performed its structural and strength tests.

According to AVIC website the specs for the MA700 are:

78 passenger seats in standard cabin

Wing span


Overall length


Maximum height


Maximum range


Maximum service altitude


Single-engine ceiling


Maximum airport elevation


Maximum cruise speed


To date the MA700 is in line to be able meet its requirements the aircraft to be airborne. The MA700 plans are to be able to take its first flight in the year 2019. Following by their first flight they will also be try and obtain Chinese certification by the year 2021 which will allow it to enter into service. 

The MA700 is open to different types of configurations as they come to an agreement with Dowty Propellers for a different type assembly using Dowties R408 propeller.

According to Flight Global website,

”The Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150C-powered turboprop will have a capacity for up to 86 passengers. The aircraft, which will use fly-by-wire technology, will have a maximum take-off weight of 26.5t and range of up to 2,700km.”

AVIC is very confident with their project and believe that their aircraft will be very beneficial to the company by stating the MA700 will be a “perfect balance.”

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United Technologies To Acquire Rockwell Collins

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has just bought Rockwell Collins Incorporated for $140 a share, two-thirds payable in cash and one-third in stock. UTC’s chief executive officer Gregory Hayes approached Rockwell Collins’ CEO Robert K. Ortberg in January about the acquisition, starting a long negotiation that would last for the better part of the year.

On January 23, Hayes first contacted Ortberg, but the initial attempt proved fruitless. Rockwell Collins had purchased B/E Aerospace at the end of 2016, and was focused on closing that deal. Ortberg requested that UTC not pursue the issue until completion of the acquisition. Honoring the agreement, Hayes approached Ortberg again in April, five days after Rockwell Collins completed its acquisition of B/E Aerospace. A meeting was finally set up for May 2nd.

UTC’s initial proposal outlined ownership of most of the partnership with Ortberg as CEO. Rockwell Collins rejected the offer, but agreed to continue negotiations.

In June, UTC offered a 70-30 division of shareholders, giving UTC the majority. The offer was rejected due to structure complexity and lack of control by Rockwell Collins shareholders.

In July UTC offered $130 a share, then $135, both proposals which Rockwell Collins declined.

On August 22nd, UTC upped the offer to $139, to which Rockwell Collins proposed a counteroffer of $141 in cash or $144, payable 70% in cash and 30% in UTC stock. The companies finally agreed to $93.33 per share in cash and $46.67 in shares of UTC common stock, subject to a 7.5 percent collar centered on UTC’s August 22, 2017 closing share price of $115.69.

Two unidentified companies also approached Rockwell Collins to negotiate a possible deal, which did not deter UTC. Both companies abandoned pursuit.

UTC expects the combination will be accretive to adjusted earnings per share after the first full year following closing and generate an estimated over $500 million of run-rate pre-tax cost synergies by year four.

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Bell Helicopter agreement

The well-known helicopter manufacturer, Bell Helicopter, recently signed an agreement with Reignwood International Investment Group. This agreement was for an extra purchase of fifty more Bell 505 Jet Ranger X light singles over the next 3 years. It also allows for the company to become the exclusive reseller in regard to the 505, located in China, and also create a delivery and maintenance facility for the 505.

The United States Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, was a witness of this recent agreement. Ross was present as a part of President Trump’s trade mission with China. President and CEO of Bell Helicopter, Mitch Snyder, was the signee for the company. He was also a part of President Trump’s trade mission to China. Signing for Reignwood Aviation was the chairman, Zheng Gang.

According to news reports, Trump arrived in Beijing Wednesday as part of his 12-day, five-country tour of Asia. Reports say he is set to arrive in Vietnam Friday.

According to Mitch Snyder, the demand in China for Bell helicopters has surged, especially with Shannxi Helicopter’s purchase of 100 of Bell’s 407GXP’s and Reignwood’s order of 110 Bells 505s. Snyder believes that this new agreement with Reignwood allows for Bell to further their goal of development in the commercial rotorcraft industry in China.

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helicopter malfunction in Mali

The United Nations is one of the world’s largest peace keeping organization that is stationed in many parts of the world that require assist with civil war and other life threating events. Since 2013 the UN has been stationed in Mali to keep the peace by overseeing a peace treaty that was signed by the African government and the Tuareg-led rebels.  Over the years the area of Mali continues to be under attack by the AQIM terrorist group forcing the German Military to increase their own to join the UN.

On July 26th during combat two soldiers experienced a helicopter malfunction resulting in causalities. The soldiers were in an airbus Tiger Military Helicopter that slowly came apart midair. Losing its rotor blades prior to reaching the ground was an observation made by Bundeswehr, German armed forces. The crash was located 43 miles from the city of Gao, Mali.

Authorities still are not sure what caused the malfunction and state and advise that is still “too early to point fingers.”

Airbus the manufacturer of the helicopter was addressed but would not give any extensive information and agreed to cooperate with authorities. 

Germany's military spokesman Jens Flosdorff suggests that the event may have been caused a manufacturing defect of a mistake in maintance.

Per Germanys Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen statement to a German newspaper “Passauer Neue Presse “, believes that there is nothing having to do with the training of the operators. Due to the devasting news, the German armed forces ceased all flights with similar helicopters for full inspection.

Due to Malis high heat levels the Tiger helicopter requires more routine maintance checkups to function at full potential. 

Germany forces continues to work countless hours to look for a solution for this devastating event

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Turbocharger BorgWarner

Borgwarner, an American auto component distributor obtains the rights to distribute a two -stage turbocharger procured by Jaguar Land Rover. New innovative engine technology is capable of efficient and ecofriendly performance characteristics. Equipped with a Turbocharged technology for optimal speed and performance. Built with a prime water-cooled compressor housing creates features such as a lowend torque. The new innovative technology will be able to perform at its highest all while lowering its emissions for a more ecofriendly ride from the customer.

Typically, SUVs have been well known for high emissions and costly gas usage. Brought together by experts at JLS, the team has been able to create one of a kind engine to modernize the SUV drives.

New features developed with the enhanced model is a variable turbine geometry that has been installed to create a higher pressure simultaneously with a lowered pressure exhaust gas recirculation.

 The exhaust gas recirculation is the prime factor to be able to lower emissions by a significant amount for these diesel and gas engines.  

Installed with an enhanced speed feature, the (VGT) creates an instant increase in speed by an electric accelerator.

 BorgWarner has been able to capatlize on obtaining JLR components as they themselves can provide R2S turbocharging solutions that work hand in hand with the powerful products that JLR has been able to provide.

The addition of the two-stage turbocharger strengthens the relationship that JLR and Borgwarner have previously established. Continuously providing in JLR components has made it easier to be able to enhance the capabilities of BorgWarner customers throughout the years.  

Borgwarners turbo systems President and General Manager, Mr. Frederic Lissalde , states,” Our long-standing expertise in the field of advanced turbocharging technologies for combustion and hybrid propulsion systems enables BorgWarner to supply Jaguar Land Rover the leading R2S turbocharging system to help them achieve fuel efficiency and performance targets for their new 2.0-liter diesel engine. ”

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Dover Air Force Base

18 aircrafts belonging to the United States Air Force have been halted due to continuous malfunctions. There has been two repeated incidents within a 60 day time period that has caught the attention of the Air Mobility Command (AMC). Issues having to do with the nose aircraft  landing-gear has been the main concern for the cease of the aircrafts. The type of aircraft landing gear can be found in the 1620 Aircraft landing gear FSC category.  The order was given on July 17th by the AMC to hold all 18 C-5s aircrafts stationed in the Dover Air Force Base located in Delaware. 12 out of the 18 aircrafts were used in the first line of use for the Air force having the remaining 6 as back up aircrafts. Fortunate for the Air Force the only the aircrafts stationed in Dover will be the only aircrafts being ceased. The aircrafts stationed in Dover, Delaware are 18 of 56 that the air force has worldwide.

Safety is a top priority for the AMC which is the reason for the concern. AMC’s Chief Carlton D Evenhart II stated,” We are taking the appropriate measures to properly diagnose the issue and implement a solution." In properly diagnosing the aircrafts the Air Force personnel will personally perform repeatedly routine inspections.

The history of the C-5s traces back to the first one being delivered to the US Air force in 1970. Since then there have been an increasing number of C-5ms that have been added to the Airlifter fleet. The C-5s are known as the largest airlifters that the air force owns to date. It measures 65 feet high and has a extreme wingspan of 223-foot wide. They are able to travel distances of 5500 miles loaded with cargo and 8000 miles without. These distances have been measure with the airlifter being filled with 120,000 lbs of cargo. 

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USS Gerald R Ford

USS Gerald R Ford is the lead ship of her class of the United States Navy supercarriers. It is worth $13 billion and the most advanced aircraft carrier in the world due to its enormous flight deck and a new electromagnetic system to launch aircraft. The ship is able to hold more than 75 aircraft at a time because of its length of 1100 feet long. The warship can cruise at speeds of more than 30 knots and operate for 20 years without refueling, according to the Associated Press. It turned out to be the most expensive warship the US military has ever build since it manufacturing which started in 2005.

For the first time, on July 28th USS Gerald R Ford launched a nuclear-powered supercarrier and recovered a fighter plane using an electromagnetic catapult on the Piloted by Commander Jamie Struck, an F/A-18F Super Hornet was launched from the flight deck by the Electromagnetic Launch System and it landed using the Advanced Arresting Gear system.

The electromagnetic technology will be easier to maintain for sailor aboard the ship and will provide smoother acceleration for launch, putting less stress on aircraft air frames according to Navy Officials. It’s more reliable, easier to maintain, and has a higher launch energy capacity than previous system, however it’s complicated and requires a lot of crew to operate it and maintain it.

“AAG and EMALS have been successfully tested ashore at Lakehurst, New Jersey, but this is the first shipboard recovery and launch of a fleet fixed-wing aircraft," says Captain Rick McCormack, Ford's commanding officer.

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