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Fixed wing aircraft refer to any flying machine that is able to utilize wings to generate lift, and thus achieve flight. Examples of flying machines include kits, hang gliders, paragliders, and powered aircraft. Within the Aerospace industry, however, there are combat aircraft, non-combat aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Combat aircraft include those such as fighter, bomber/attack, electronic warfare, and maritime patrol aircraft. Non-combat aircraft encompass those such as military transport, reconnaissance surveillance, trainer aircraft, and airborne early warning control.

Combat aircraft such as the fighter aircraft are those that are for attacking other aircraft to obtain air superiority. These fixed wing aircraft are designed to have excellent firepower, maneuverability, and speed to be successful in combat. On the other hand, aircraft such as military transport aircraft are considered non-combat, and they are typically utilized for strategic, tactical, and civil emergency relief missions. These fixed winged aircraft are beneficial for transporting troops, weapons, and equipment for military applications. Lastly, unmanned aerial vehicles can be used for military, scientific, commercial, entertainment, and other applications depending on the type of aircraft. Though each type of fixed wing aircraft may appear different and serve varying applications, their similarities come in the fact of using airspeed and shaped wings to establish flight.

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