FSG 59 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

Rising hardware includes specifically designed items such as brackets, holders, and retainers. Excluded from rising hardware items are screws, bolts, studs, washers, rivets, and other mutual objects in specific classes.

Resistors includes visitors, resistive ballast tubes, rheostats, resistor networks, resistor mounting hardware, and thermistors. Resistors excludes resistance wires.

Capacitors includes interference filter capacitors, and capacitor mounting hardware. Capacitors excludes semiconductor devices and associated hardware.

Filters and networks includes filters and networks that consists of a mixture of resistors, capacitors but not a mixture of resistors only, capacitors only, or coils only.

Fuses, arrestors, absorbers, and protectors includes fuse holders, fuse boxes, fuse posts, fuse links, fuse blocks, current limiters, corona balls, and electrostatic dischargers. Fuses, arrestors, absorbers, and protectors excludes circuit breakers.

Circuit breakers includes circuit breakers and cutouts. Circuit breakers excludes relays.

Switches includes rotary, knife, toggle, push button, mercury, thermostatic, and differential pressure switches. Switches excludes switchgear.

Connectors and electrical includes plugs, jacks, receptacles, electronic component sockets, and related accessories. Connectors excludes interconnectors and fiber optic.

Lugs, terminals, and terminal strips includes binding posts, battery clips, stud terminals, and test clips. Lugs, terminals, and terminal strips excludes caps, electrical clips, and electrical contacts.

Relays and solenoids includes electromagnetic actuators but excludes contractors.

Coils and transformers includes coils, except ignition and magneto, coil assemblies, magnetic amplifiers, reactors, and transformers.

Oscillators and piezoelectric crystals includes crystal units, processed unmounted crystals, crystal controlled oscillators, and no crystal controlled oscillators. Oscillators and piezoelectric crystals excludes electronic modules as defined microcircuits.

Electron tubes and accompanying hardware includes rectifying tubes, photoelectric tubes, and electron vibrator tubes. Electron tubes excludes transistors, tube sockets, x-ray tubes, and semiconductor devices.

Semiconductor devices and accompanying hardware includes semiconductor assemblies, semiconductor diodes, semiconductor rectifiers, semiconductor thyristors, transistors, unitized semiconductors, and associated hardware except sockets. Semiconductor devices excludes microcircuits and optoelectronic devices.

Microcircuit, being a trifling circuit with a high corresponding circuit element density, includes combined circuit devices, circuit modules, electronic devices being hybrid, magnetic, molecular, optoelectronic, and thin film. Microcircuits excludes single circuit elements such as capacitors, resistors, diodes and transistors, printed circuit boards, circuit card assemblies, and filters and networks.

Electronic Modules excludes microcircuits and electronic test equipment units.

Headsets, handsets, microphones and speakers.

Electrical insulators and insulating materials includes tube, knob, cleat, strain, standoff insulators, feed thru insulators, bead insulators, varnish cambric tape, and friction tape.

Electrical hardware and supplies includes conduit, raceways, face plates, condoles, outlet and junction boxes, and pole line hardware.

Electrical contact brushes and electrodes includes brushes on behalf of electrical revolving equipment, carbon stock for brushes, brush arm and holders, and lighting electrodes.

Electrical contact brushes and electrodes excludes anodes, cathodes, and welding electrodes.

Optoelectronic devices and accompanying hardware displays numeric, symbolic, graphic information, and emitters. Nondipolar optoelectronic devices accomplish a vigorous role in an electronic system. Optoelectronic devices exclude electric lighting fixtures and lamps.

Antennas and waveguides includes aerials, masts, tower equipment, attenuators, couplers, and transmission lines. Antennas and waveguides excludes tower structures.

Synchro’s and resolvers excludes synchro systems and servo mechanisms.

Cable, cord, and wire assemblies excludes cable assemblies.

  • FSC 5996 Amplifiers

Amplifiers includes audio amplifiers, complementary amplifiers, amplifiers, operational amplifiers, power amplifiers, radio frequency amplifiers, signal amplifiers, and video amplifiers.Amplifiers excludes amplifier detector, amplifier mixer and microcircuit devices.

 Electrical and electronic assemblies, boards, and cards excludes circuit card and electronic module assemblies.

 Miscellaneous electrical components include permanent magnets and magnetostriction elements, caps, and clips.

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