FSG 60 Fiber Optics Materials Components Assemblies and Accessories

Fiber optics is a phrase used to define the purpose of optical energy which is aimed to another location through fibers. This group contains fiber optic items such as parts, materials, and devices used for communications, data transmission, or illumination. Fiber optic excludes imaging devices under FSG 65 (medical), hand tools FSG 51, and electronic and optical instruments under FSG 66 (instruments).

Fiber optic conductors includes bulk discrete fibers.

Fiber optic cables includes one or more detached fiber optic conductors with a mutual shielding cover in bulk form. May include electrical conductors or supporting materials.

 Fiber optic cable assemblies and harnesses includes items used for communication or data transmission taking one or more fiber optic conductors with managed ends or finished fittings. Fiber optic cable assemblies excludes objects used for illumination or image transmission.

 Fiber optic switches includes switches used for line selection in fiber optic systems.

Fiber optic devices includes items such as transmitters, receivers, multi players, demultiplexes, modulators, demodulators, repeaters, attenuators, filters, and integrated optical circuits.

Fiber optic light sources and photo detectors includes light producing, laser diodes, and photo detectors used in fiber optic systems.

Fiber optic light and image transfer devices includes fiber optic devices used for illumination or image transmission. Fiber optic light and image transfer excludes items used for communication or data transmission.

 Fiber optic interconnectors includes all sorts of fiber optic dissolutions such as connectors, dividers, couplers, rotary and no rotary joints, splitters, and mixers/splicers. Fiber optic interconnectors excludes electrical connectors.

 Fiber optic fixtures and supplies includes mode stripping materials, index matching materials and other associated supplies. Excluded from these associated supplies are materials common to electrical and fiber optic purposes.

 Fiber optic kits and sets includes kits and sets that consist of fiber optic machineries, related parts, related tools only. Excluded from these tool kits and sets are test sets/instruments and end item sets/equipment using fiber optic components.

Miscellaneous fiber optic components include fiber optic items which are not classified in a more precise class. (See the ′′Note′′ for FSG 60.)

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