FSG 96 Ores Minerals AND Their Primary Products

Not everyone knows the importance of using NSN’s (National Stock Numbers), or for that matter, what NSN’s are to begin with. NSN’s are given out by the government to items that are used in the Federal Supply System. They are a series of 13-digits that are specifically used to describe the items physical aspects or even how they are used. 

Each 2-digit group has its own classification. Group 96 is used to refer to ores, minerals and their primary products. These categories are referring to items such as lead ores, clays, crude petroleum, and aluminum. Primary products are the unfinished version of minerals that require further manufacturing to be used in its final state. 

When using NSN’s correctly, they can help give you more information on the part you are looking to acquire. One of the many ways, we here at Just Parts Unlimited, make sure to provide the best customer service in the industry is to keep our team members up to date with the latest in the aerospace industry. That includes being well versed in knowing how to understand NSN’s and provide the most knowledge we can to our Just Parts Unlimited customers, which our competitors can simply not compete with. If you are looking for the best in the aerospace industry please call us today +1-714-705-4780 or send us an email at sales@justpartsunlimited.com.

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