Federal Supply Groups and Classes by Page 5

FSG 51 Hand Tools

FSC 5110 Hand Tools Edged Nonpowered FSC 5120 Hand Tools Nonedged Nonpowered
FSC 5130 Hand Tools Power Driven FSC 5133 Drill Bits Counterbores and Countersinks Hand and Machine
FSC 5136 Taps Dies and Collets Hand and Machine FSC 5140 Tool and Hardware Boxes
FSC 5180 Sets Kits and Outfits of Hand Tools

FSG 52 Measuring Tools

FSC 5210 measuring Tools Craftsmens FSC 5220 Inspection Gages and Precision Layout Tools
FSC 5280 Sets Kits and Outfits of Measuring Tools

FSG 53 Hardware and Abrasives

FSC 5305 Screws FSC 5306 Bolts
FSC 5307 Studs FSC 5310 Nuts and Washers
FSC 5315 Nails Machine Keys and Pins FSC 5320 Rivets
FSC 5325 Fastening Devices FSC 5330 Packing and Gasket Materials
FSC 5335 Metal Screening FSC 5340 Hardware Commercial
FSC 5345 Disks and Stones Abrasive FSC 5350 Abrasive Materials
FSC 5355 Knobs and Pointers FSC 5360 Coil Flat Leaf and Wire Springs
FSC 5365 Bushings Rings Shims and Spacers

FSG 54 Prefabricated Structures AND Scaffolding

FSC 5410 Prefabricated and Portable Buildings FSC 5411 Rigid Wall Shelters
FSC 5419 Collective Modular Support System FSC 5420 Bridges Fixed and Floating
FSC 5430 Storage Tanks FSC 5440 Scaffolding Equipment and Concrete Forms
FSC 5445 Prefabricated Tower Structures FSC 5450 Miscellaneous Prefabricated Structures

FSG 55 Lumber Millwork Plywood and Veneer

FSC 5510 Lumber and Related Wood Materials FSC 5520 Millwork
FSC 5530 Plywood and Veneer

FSG 56 Construction AND Building Materials

FSC 5610 Mineral Construction Materials Bulk FSC 5620 Tile Brick and Block
FSC 5630 Pipe and Conduit Nonmetallic FSC 5640 Wallboard Building Paper and Thermal Insulation Materials
FSC 5650 Roofing and Siding Materials FSC 5660 Fencing Fences Gates and Components
FSC 5670 Building Components Prefabricated FSC 5675 Non-Wood Construction Lumber and Related Materials
FSC 5680 Miscellaneous Construction Materials

FSG 58 Communication Detection AND Coherent Radiation Equipment

FSC 5805 Telephone and Telegraph Equipment FSC 5810 Communications Security Equipment and Components
FSC 5811 Other Cryptologic Equipment AND Components FSC 5815 Teletype and Facsimile Equipment
FSC 5820 Radio and Television Communication Equipment Except Airborne FSC 5821 Radio and Television Communication Equipment Airborne
FSC 5825 Radio Navigation Equipment Except Airborne FSC 5826 Radio Navigation Equipment Airborne
FSC 5830 Intercommunication and Public Address Systems Except Airborne FSC 5831 Intercommunication and Public Address Systems Airborne
FSC 5835 Sound Recording and Reproducing Equipment FSC 5836 Video Recording AND Reproducing Equipment
FSC 5840 Radar Equipment Except Airborne FSC 5841 Radar Equipment Airborne
FSC 5845 Underwater Sound Equipment FSC 5850 Visible AND Invisible Light Communication Equipment
FSC 5855 Night Vision Equipment Emitted and Reflected Radiation FSC 5860 Stimulated Coherent Radiation Devices Components AND Accessories
FSC 5865 Electronic Countermeasures Counter-Countermeasures and Quick Reaction Capability Equipment FSC 5895 Miscellaneous Communication Equipment

FSG 59 Electrical and Electronic Equipment Components

FSC 5905 Resistors FSC 5910 Capacitors
FSC 5915 Filters and Networks FSC 5920 Fuses Arresters Absorbers and Protector
FSC 5925 Circuit Breakers FSC 5930 Switches
FSC 5935 Connectors Electrical FSC 5940 Lugs Terminals and Terminal Strips
FSC 5945 Relays and Solenoids FSC 5950 Coils and Transformers
FSC 5955 Oscillators and Piezoelectric Crystals FSC 5960 Electron Tubes and Associated Hardware
FSC 5961 Semiconductor Devices and Associated Hardware FSC 5962 Microcircuits Electronic
FSC 5963 Electronic Modules FSC 5965 Headsets Handsets Microphones and Speakers
FSC 5970 Electrical Insulators and Insulating Materials FSC 5975 Electrical Hardware and Supplies
FSC 5977 Electrical Contact Brushes and Electrodes FSC 5980 Optoelectrical Devices and Associated Hardware
FSC 5985 Antennas Waveguides and Related Equipment FSC 5990 Synchros and Resolvers
FSC 5995 Cable Cord and Wire Assemblies Communication Equipment FSC 5998 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Boards Cards and Associated Hardware
FSC 5999 Miscellaneous Electrical and Electronic Components
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