C And S Antennas Inc - List of NSN Parts

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CAGE Code: 1BZ19

TR100 12 5985-01-608-4780 Tripod Antenna Avl RFQ
TM33284 7610-01-372-1297 Manual Technical Avl RFQ
TM1099 7610-01-372-1298 Manual Technical Avl RFQ
TH-400U 5985-01-330-7698 Antenna Avl RFQ
SP10SS 5985-01-369-5296 Mast Avl RFQ
SOF230 CW 5985-01-608-4350 Antenna Avl RFQ
SL36229 5985-01-522-8401 Antenna Avl RFQ
SL35745 8130-01-371-5739 Reel Cable Avl RFQ
SL34385 4030-01-369-7217 Stake Guy Avl RFQ
SL33812 5985-01-371-5744 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
SL33792 4030-01-371-9566 Stake Assembly Guy Avl RFQ
SL33776 4030-01-372-4417 Tensioner Inner Avl RFQ
SL33775SH2 5985-01-371-5745 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
SL33771SH2 5985-01-371-5747 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
SL33664 5985-01-372-4255 Case Antenna Alignment Kit Avl RFQ
SL33644 5985-01-372-7490 Adapter Antenna To Antenna Base Avl RFQ
SL33642-1 5985-01-372-2906 Case Antenna Alignment Kit Avl RFQ
SL33641SH3 4010-01-371-9570 Guy Rope Assembly Avl RFQ
SL33641SH2 4010-01-371-9572 Guy Rope Assembly M Avl RFQ
SL33641SH1 4010-01-371-9571 Guy Rope Assembly T Avl RFQ
SL33299 5985-01-371-5740 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
SL33292 4030-01-372-4414 Stake Set Guy Avl RFQ
SL33291 4030-01-372-4415 Stake Balun Avl RFQ
SL33289 5985-01-371-5742 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
SL33288D1 5985-01-371-5741 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
SL33262 4030-01-393-4891 Rod Anchor Avl RFQ
SL33109SH8 5340-01-393-5667 Clamp Loop Avl RFQ
SL32605 5985-01-378-1650 Support Antenna Avl RFQ
SL32223 4030-01-371-9460 Stake Guy Avl RFQ
SL31992SHT1 5985-01-521-1076 Coupler Transmission Line Avl RFQ
SL31992SH1 5985-01-521-1076 Coupler Transmission Line Avl RFQ
SL31343 5995-01-372-3229 Cable Assembly Radio Frequency Avl RFQ
SL31029 4010-01-371-7409 Load Harness Avl RFQ
SL25219SH2 5985-01-522-8400 Support Antenna Avl RFQ
SHAKBSS08 4030-01-467-7428 Shackle Avl RFQ
LFH230 1 VE-SVK.. 5985-01-342-9592 Antenna Avl RFQ
LFH230 1 5985-01-342-9592 Antenna Avl RFQ
HTH318 5985-01-265-5123 Antenna Avl RFQ
DG33871 5985-01-371-5806 Support Antenna Avl RFQ
DG33869 5985-01-371-5888 Case Antenna Avl RFQ
DG33422 5340-01-487-3069 Bracket Mounting Avl RFQ
DG31172 5985-01-371-5743 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
CTM9 5985-01-471-5571 Mast Avl RFQ
CTM15LT 5985-01-371-6820 Mast Avl RFQ
CTM15LORAL 5985-01-371-6820 Mast Avl RFQ
CTM15J-LFH230SV 5985-01-609-8337 Antenna Assembly Avl RFQ
CTM15E 5985-01-374-0733 Mast Avl RFQ
CTM15 LFH230KIT 5985-01-455-9286 Antenna Group Avl RFQ
CTM 12 5985-01-408-8730 Antenna Avl RFQ
CHAINSS05L 4010-01-467-8690 Chain Stud Link Avl RFQ
CC36 5310-01-393-9376 Nut Plain Round Avl RFQ
CANSF230 1 CW 5985-01-677-7841 Antenna Avl RFQ
BP162 5120-01-113-7134 Wrench Box And Open End Combinat Avl RFQ
AC99G 5985-01-371-6871 Mast Section Avl RFQ
AC98G 5985-01-371-6870 Mast Section Avl RFQ
AC95G 5985-01-371-6869 Mast Section Avl RFQ
AC94G 5985-01-367-4632 Mast Section Avl RFQ
A450 5985-01-371-5889 Case Antenna Avl RFQ
A189N 5325-01-371-8267 Ring Retaining Avl RFQ
52000-25 5985-01-380-8094 Mast Avl RFQ
4SL 33150 5985-01-371-5746 Antenna Element Avl RFQ
4SL 33116 5985-01-408-8730 Antenna Avl RFQ
39452 5340-01-467-9716 Snap Hook Avl RFQ
39176 5340-01-467-9714 Snap Hook Avl RFQ
34385 4030-01-412-8739 Stake Guy Avl RFQ
34381 4020-01-412-8744 Rope Fibrous Avl RFQ
34379 4010-01-412-8742 Guy Avl RFQ
34377 5985-01-384-5464 Accessory Kit Antenna Avl RFQ
33778 5985-01-371-5890 Case Antenna Avl RFQ
33424 8105-01-388-1781 Bag Textile Avl RFQ
33423 5985-01-414-0047 Support Antenna Avl RFQ
33409 5985-01-486-6545 Accessory Kit Antenna Avl RFQ
33190D1 5340-01-384-3480 Handle Bow Avl RFQ
33109-9 5340-01-372-6841 Clamp Loop Avl RFQ
33109-3 5340-01-372-3771 Clamp Assembly Avl RFQ
33025 5985-01-367-4629 Mast Section Avl RFQ
32739-3 5985-01-367-7598 Mast Section Avl RFQ
32739-2 5985-01-367-7597 Mast Section Avl RFQ
32739-1 5985-01-367-7596 Mast Section Avl RFQ
32738-3 5985-01-367-4632 Mast Section Avl RFQ
32714 2 5340-01-366-4912 Clamp Assembly Retaining Avl RFQ
32714 1 5340-01-366-0454 Clamp Loop Avl RFQ
32697-4 5985-01-656-3755 Plate Antenna Mast Avl RFQ
32605 5985-01-378-1650 Support Antenna Avl RFQ
32224-3 4010-01-366-1018 Wire Rope Assembly Single Leg Avl RFQ
32224-2 5985-01-380-6490 Support Antenna Avl RFQ
32224-1 4010-01-366-1017 Wire Rope Assembly Single Leg Avl RFQ
32223 4030-01-369-7218 Stake Guy Avl RFQ
32211 5315-01-369-5908 Pin Straight Headless Avl RFQ
32208 5445-01-365-7041 Plate Base Tower Su Avl RFQ
31340+3 33784 4020-01-098-0232 Fiber Rope Assembly Single Leg Avl RFQ
30264 5985-01-377-9150 Support Ring Antenna Avl RFQ
28136 4030-01-413-0351 Stake Guy Avl RFQ
2 33018 5420-01-365-7915 Bag Bailey Bridge Parts And Tool Avl RFQ
2 32208 5445-01-365-7041 Plate Base Tower Su Avl RFQ

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