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CAGE Code: 75602

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Part Number NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
1695 6505-00-604-1224 thiamine hydrochlor Avl RFQ
2T32 3 6505-00-254-5167 amobarbital tablets Avl RFQ
DARV0N 6505-00-118-1207 propoxyphene hydroc Avl RFQ
7246 6505-01-268-3578 ceftazidime for inj Avl RFQ
0002-1480-01 6505-00-901-6644 penicillin g potass Avl RFQ
7335 6505-01-285-5743 somatrem for inject Avl RFQ
006-7572-01 6505-01-004-1015 prednisolone tebuta Avl RFQ
2B60-3 6505-00-254-5169 ergocalciferol caps Avl RFQ
1690 6505-00-687-4523 phenobarbital and b Avl RFQ
CP-2500 6505-01-271-0586 insulin injection u Avl RFQ
1649 6505-00-687-4046 diethylstilbestrol Avl RFQ
AVENTYLPULVULES1 6505-00-197-9381 nortriptyline hydro Avl RFQ
1649 6505-00-197-8765 diethylstilbestrol Avl RFQ
AM 218 6505-00-174-2294 magnesium sulfate i Avl RFQ
CP-310P 6505-01-012-8682 insulin isophane su Avl RFQ
1883 6505-00-204-9016 propoxyphene napsyl Avl RFQ
2-0P06-12 6505-00-194-7322 ouabain injection u Avl RFQ
C0RDRAN 6505-00-229-1771 flurandrenolide oin Avl RFQ
99MERTHI0LATE 6505-00-664-6912 thimerosal tincture Avl RFQ
7198 HYPORET 6505-01-227-1608 vincristine sulfate Avl RFQ
0NC0VIN694 6505-00-904-0024 vincristine sulfate Avl RFQ
7202 6505-01-156-4748 cefazolin sodium us Avl RFQ
1700 6505-00-073-0543 quinine sulfate tab Avl RFQ
7202-74 6505-01-156-4748 cefazolin sodium us Avl RFQ
7175 6505-01-239-4660 dobutamine hydrochl Avl RFQ
ASA26 6505-00-890-1217 aspirin suppositori Avl RFQ
1725 6505-00-660-0081 phenobarbital and b Avl RFQ
2 0N39 16 6505-00-221-3434 betazole hydrochlor Avl RFQ
BEC0TINT 6505-00-397-2387 vitamin b complex a Avl RFQ
1725 6505-00-900-9853 phenobarbital and b Avl RFQ
1709 6505-00-067-7170 riboflavin tablets Avl RFQ
DARV0N 6505-00-900-6145 propoxyphene hydroc Avl RFQ
BETALIN 12 6505-00-687-4051 cyanocobalamin inje Avl RFQ
7090 6505-01-122-5914 tobramycin injectio Avl RFQ
2K37 1 6505-00-497-4731 insulin zinc suspen Avl RFQ
1724 6505-00-116-5525 diethylstilbestrol Avl RFQ
7205 6505-01-209-2383 ampicillin sodium u Avl RFQ
1685 6505-00-116-5520 diethylstilbestrol Avl RFQ
2K36-1 6505-00-515-8787 insulin isophane su Avl RFQ
7245 6505-01-268-3579 ceftazidime for inj Avl RFQ
1591 6505-00-579-9720 codeine phosphate a Avl RFQ
CP-410P 6505-01-042-8041 insulin zinc suspen Avl RFQ
1645 6505-00-063-5638 riboflavin tablets Avl RFQ
CP-210S 6505-01-159-6942 insulin injection u Avl RFQ
2R26-88 6505-00-229-1771 flurandrenolide oin Avl RFQ
8379-01 6240-01-308-6368 lamp mercury vapor Avl RFQ
1526 6505-00-156-2090 thyroid tablets usp Avl RFQ
7194 6505-01-150-4949 vincristine sulfate Avl RFQ
2 2239 01 6505-01-052-4768 bcg vaccine nf Avl RFQ
C0RDRAN 6505-00-054-7466 flurandrenolide oin Avl RFQ
BETALINC0MPLEXFC 6505-00-951-4767 vitamin b complex a Avl RFQ
7321 6505-01-247-8801 vancomycin hydrochl Avl RFQ
7068 6505-01-087-9592 cefamandole nafate Avl RFQ
2-0J31-33 6505-00-171-1375 phenobarbital table Avl RFQ
7190 6505-01-207-6125 cephalothin for inj Avl RFQ
1843 6505-01-054-4374 acetohexamide table Avl RFQ
1725 6505-00-058-6772 phenobarbital and b Avl RFQ
DARV0N 6505-00-687-4068 propoxyphene hydroc Avl RFQ
1649 6505-01-164-3151 diethylstilbestrol Avl RFQ
CP-610 6505-00-212-6238 insulin zinc suspen Avl RFQ
1897 6505-00-228-0210 folic acid tablets Avl RFQ
CP-410S 6505-01-149-3558 insulin zinc suspension usp Avl RFQ
1725 6505-00-660-0080 phenobarbital and b Avl RFQ
1265 6505-00-232-5071 sodium bicarbonate Avl RFQ
DARV0N 6505-00-725-6992 propoxyphene hydroc Avl RFQ
1114 6505-00-959-6147 potassium permangan Avl RFQ
1725 6505-00-900-6143 phenobarbital and b Avl RFQ
C0RDAN 6505-00-728-2623 flurandrenolide cre Avl RFQ
C0RDRAN 6505-00-083-6585 flurandrenolide oin Avl RFQ
1462 6505-00-254-5167 amobarbital tablets Avl RFQ
CP-210P 6505-00-546-7821 insulin injection u Avl RFQ
1001 6505-00-295-5679 pancreatin tablets Avl RFQ

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