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CAGE Code: 65777

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Part Number NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
1128WSM45023-11 1560-00-237-6150 rod door support Avl RFQ
123AAM11108-1 5306-00-076-4054 bolt internally relieved body Avl RFQ
106788A144 1680-01-627-6059 nrp actuator d033 Avl RFQ
123AMM10111-511 3120-00-128-2403 bushing special Avl RFQ
1173T0884 1680-01-585-4774 switch temperature Avl RFQ
1128HM40015-1 1650-00-483-1867 cap linear actuating cylinder Avl RFQ
123BM40508-611 1560-01-302-6094 roller special Avl RFQ
121WM10076-13 1560-00-225-0521 fitting assembly Avl RFQ
123BM10272-1 1560-00-075-0830 trolley hatch Avl RFQ
1128BM42167-13 5342-00-422-1551 hinge special Avl RFQ
123AMM10104-1 1560-00-066-3066 link assembly Avl RFQ
0038G3032G-1 3110-01-556-7369 rtd assembly Avl RFQ
123AMM10109-1 4730-01-255-6232 fitting flap actuator support Avl RFQ
1128LM0514-1 1680-00-444-7864 lever remote contro Avl RFQ
00122E1199G-1 ITEM 3 3110-01-556-7369 rtd assembly Avl RFQ
1128HM40123-11 1650-00-349-9407 piston actuator Avl RFQ
1128CE40319-13 1560-01-310-6471 support structural component air Avl RFQ
123BM40328-602 1560-01-211-7303 fitting assy Avl RFQ
102666CW 5935-00-228-4556 connector receptacle electrical Avl RFQ
1128CE40203-18 5342-01-260-9913 latch canopy Avl RFQ
123AMM50008-1 1560-00-313-2854 fitting assembly ac Avl RFQ
123AMM50082-1 1560-01-151-0301 pin assembly aux Avl RFQ
104424B 2915-01-288-5920 rotor cap assembly Avl RFQ
1128CVM40217-11 1650-00-169-0359 sleeve dashpot assy Avl RFQ
12310012-601 2915-01-174-1818 intake pump Avl RFQ
123B10458-503 1560-01-167-4265 strut assembly fuselage Avl RFQ
123ABM10104-3 5315-00-076-9841 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
123ABM10015-1 1680-00-075-0766 roller seat base Avl RFQ
123ABM10104-1 5315-00-079-0716 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
103852BU 4820-01-653-0681 valve relief pressure and temper Avl RFQ
123BM40464-1 3120-01-586-0836 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123AMM50001-11 1560-00-172-2355 drum cable door Avl RFQ
123BM50526-11 5340-01-557-1963 receptacle external Avl RFQ
1128BM42168-13 5342-00-422-1549 hinge special Avl RFQ
123BM10267-1 5306-00-075-0829 bolt hatch spring Avl RFQ
1128NM40005-13 1650-00-230-1774 piston linear actuating cylinder Avl RFQ
123BM50526-13 5340-01-557-1943 receptacle external Avl RFQ
1103P1255 1680-01-585-4744 pressure switch gau Avl RFQ
1128CSM43005-11 3120-01-293-1713 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
1128CM43210-13 5315-00-151-5581 pin hollow Avl RFQ
00122E1199G-2 ITEM 3 3110-01-556-7369 rtd assembly Avl RFQ
123AMM50017-1 3040-00-311-7973 cap linear actuating cylinder Avl RFQ
1128HM40102-14 1650-00-689-3561 lever remote control Avl RFQ
1128WM44051-23 5315-00-189-8487 pin grooved headless Avl RFQ
123BM40286-1 3120-00-915-1792 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123AMM12102-1 1560-00-567-5926 drum assembly Avl RFQ
016227387 1680-01-585-4783 valve body assembly Avl RFQ
123AMM11103-1 5315-00-075-0789 pin assy Avl RFQ
1128LM40211-1 1620-00-418-2323 link assembly nose Avl RFQ
1128CE40319-19 5340-01-239-1418 leaf butt hinge Avl RFQ
1128CM43210-11 5315-00-151-5582 pin hollow Avl RFQ
00122E1199G 1 ITEM 1 5330-01-556-7654 gasket Avl RFQ
1128CM43205-3 1560-00-243-4397 fitting assy rudder Avl RFQ
1128CVM40105-11 3120-00-444-3322 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123BM40103-1 3120-01-579-9636 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
1128LM40209-11 3120-00-234-0132 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123BM10524-1 1560-00-066-2934 fitting assembly hi Avl RFQ
1128CVM40106-11 3120-00-422-1569 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123AMM12178-3 5340-01-236-0709 receptacle friction Avl RFQ
1128CSM41010-1 1560-00-419-6264 fitting assembly Avl RFQ
1128CEM40133-11 1560-01-107-4325 axle cam canopy hinge Avl RFQ
123AMM42126-1 3040-01-329-2467 shaft straight Avl RFQ
123BM40198-1 3120-00-925-0196 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123BM40449-7 5365-00-840-5512 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
1128CVM40103-1 1680-00-421-4520 pin assy arresting Avl RFQ
123BM40449-5 5365-00-840-5498 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
123AB10163-11 3120-01-286-1795 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
123BM10147-1 5306-00-961-1900 bolt Avl RFQ
123AMM12154-3 3120-00-079-0703 bearing plain rod end Avl RFQ
105823A4-4 5305-01-648-9399 screw machine Avl RFQ
123AMM12113-1 1560-00-076-0496 terminal assembly Avl RFQ
123ABM10070-1 1680-00-075-0760 roller turntable Avl RFQ

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