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CAGE Code: 57163, 64204

Are you looking for parts from the manufacturer Ls Starrett Company The? Just Parts Unlimited, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, stocks hundreds of parts from this Ls Starrett Company The including 1025ME-130, 120Z-12, 124BZ, 135A, 1463RL. ASAP makes it easy for our customers to quickly find the part they need, avoiding the hassle of part procurement. Customer service drives everything we do. Unlike other companies, every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who works around-the-clock to meet any and all customer expectations and needs. Our extensive supply chain is deliberately set up to support expedited shipping, same day delivery and any AOG needs. Submit a request for quote form today and experience the simplified ASAP method today.

1025ME-130 5210-01-653-2014 Caliper Slide Avl RFQ
120Z-12 5210-01-268-3416 Caliper Dial Avl RFQ
124BZ 5210-00-221-1921 Caliper Micrometer Inside Avl RFQ
135A 5210-00-879-2171 Level Pocket Avl RFQ
1463RL 5210-01-385-8077 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
196B1 5210-01-385-8059 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
224BRLZ 5210-00-287-3336 Caliper Micrometer Outside Avl RFQ
25 111 5210-01-058-7482 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
25 441 5J 5210-00-900-2367 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
25-136J 5210-00-178-7959 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
25-3041 5210-01-071-0972 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
25-3041J 5210-01-071-0972 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
25-341 5210-01-236-6970 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
25-441J-6608M 5210-01-241-5012 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
25-441P 5210-00-825-5119 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
252Z-24 5210-01-459-5976 Gage Height Transfe Avl RFQ
254EMZ-24 5210-00-045-5039 Gage Height Avl RFQ
259 24 5210-01-187-8443 Gage Height Avl RFQ
36102 5210-01-669-5324 Rule Aluminum Carpenter S Avl RFQ
364-1195A 5305-00-918-7174 Screw Avl RFQ
364A4780 5210-00-912-0012 Blade Avl RFQ
425-5 5210-00-221-2091 Caliper Slide Avl RFQ
436.2MXRL-25 5210-00-221-1929 Caliper Micrometer Outside Avl RFQ
436B 5210-00-540-6123 Caliper Set Micrometer Outside Avl RFQ
463R-.5 5210-01-460-4391 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
469MHXSP 5210-01-667-9177 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
486P-2 5210-01-266-7523 Caliper Micrometer Outside Avl RFQ
50381 5210-01-277-9844 Dividers Mechanics Avl RFQ
50546 5210-00-221-1921 Caliper Micrometer Inside Avl RFQ
50563 5210-00-619-7036 Level And Plumb Avl RFQ
51576 5210-00-221-1929 Caliper Micrometer Outside Avl RFQ
52220 5210-00-058-0898 Gage Depth Micrometer Avl RFQ
52443 5210-00-695-1220 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
52691 5210-00-293-0565 Rule Machinists Avl RFQ
52749 5210-01-029-1139 Holder Dial Indicat Avl RFQ
52810 5210-00-357-9438 Gage Stock Thicknes Avl RFQ
52841 5210-00-720-6497 Blade Thickness Gag Avl RFQ
53078 5210-00-973-2823 Gage Small Hole Avl RFQ
55456 5210-01-217-7264 Tape Measuring Avl RFQ
563-6 5210-01-367-7291 Caliper Hermaphrodi Avl RFQ
63RL 5210-01-550-5945 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
644P 5210-00-684-9944 Gage Depth Dial Indicating Avl RFQ
65459 5210-01-583-1470 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
656-441 5210-01-480-6675 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
657MB 5210-01-460-5077 Indicator Scale Avl RFQ
65839 5210-01-449-6643 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
65860 5210-01-653-2014 Caliper Slide Avl RFQ
663R 5210-01-008-8121 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
665B 5315-01-420-2260 Pin Grooved Headles Avl RFQ
667-003 5210-00-720-6497 Blade Thickness Gag Avl RFQ
68031 5210-01-643-4154 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
711FS 5210-01-231-0321 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
711FSAZ 5210-01-260-9549 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
714MEAFLZ 5210-01-471-4989 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
721B-6 150 5210-01-259-6010 Caliper Slide Avl RFQ
731XFLZ-2 5210-01-356-7896 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
731XFLZ-5 5210-01-356-7899 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
780XTZ-500 3 8I.. 5210-01-356-8191 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
780ZTZ-2 5210-01-583-1480 Head Micrometer Avl RFQ
782Z-500 5210-01-356-8191 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
784Z-1 5210-01-356-8194 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
784Z-500 5210-01-356-8191 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
796XRL-1 5210-01-668-1819 Caliper Micrometer Outside Avl RFQ
80-114J 5210-00-859-6886 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
80-144J 5210-01-203-8661 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
81-138J 5210-00-410-3821 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
81-211J 5210-00-936-1780 Indicator Dial Avl RFQ
900921-7 5220-00-220-2496 Gage Block Inspecti Avl RFQ
903455-11 5210-00-252-6435 Adapter Assembly Avl RFQ
903455-8 5210-00-252-6565 Setting Block Assy Avl RFQ
904666 5210-01-022-2826 Gage Nozzle Area Tu Avl RFQ
905429 5220-01-061-8520 Gage Profile Avl RFQ
905564-5 5220-01-080-9360 Gage Profile Avl RFQ
99191 5210-01-076-1092 Rod End Measuring S Avl RFQ
99192 5210-01-076-1093 Rod End Measuring S Avl RFQ
AG 16 S1 5220-01-379-0470 Block Step Machinists Avl RFQ
B910841-1-3 5220-01-241-6103 Gage Flow Area Cont Avl RFQ
C1-25 5210-01-139-7444 Tape Measuring Avl RFQ
C11-1224 5210-01-367-7100 Head Center Combination Square Avl RFQ
C305R-24 5210-01-397-3069 Rule Machinists Avl RFQ
C310K 6 5210-01-497-2884 Rule Machinists Avl RFQ
CB101003BB 5220-01-616-9502 Plate Surface Avl RFQ
CS 9133 5220-01-161-0507 Case Reading Block Avl RFQ
EDP 53050 5210-00-195-9531 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ
HC530-100 5210-01-367-7289 Tape Measuring Avl RFQ
HC530-50 5210-01-367-7288 Tape Measuring Avl RFQ
PB-16 5210-01-658-0623 Plumb Bob Avl RFQ
PNR-1224W 5210-01-367-7104 Head Protractor Com Avl RFQ
PT99255 5210-01-629-2825 Scriber Carrier Hei Avl RFQ
SC 81.A1 5210-00-516-3825 Gage Block Set Avl RFQ
SC 88.A1X 5210-01-572-5806 Gage Block Set Avl RFQ
SC.100AA 5210-01-452-9632 Gage Block Avl RFQ
ST2-24 5210-01-430-6280 Level And Plumb Avl RFQ
STE-24 5210-01-430-6631 Level And Plumb Avl RFQ
T436RL-7 5210-00-790-1899 Caliper Micrometer Avl RFQ

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