Aeroplane Operations in Europe

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) welcomed the European Union (EU)’s acceptance of Commercial Air Transport (CAT) using Single-Engine Turbine aero planes at night or in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (SET-IMC) in Europe. Here at ASAP Semi we deal with many international customers. Having knowledge of projects going on around the world are great for us so that we can stock our inventory to accommodate orders that might be placed.  We are very knowledgeable of which parts go on specific airplanes and if not we have services to inform us.

The publication of these aero plane rules opens new markets and stands to improve connectivity across the continent. Europe is now aligned with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) standards for CAT operations. This publication also marks the end of a 20-year effort by manufacturing and regulators. These new guidelines and aero plane rules are based on demanding safety analysis, which in all contains the necessary safeguards to simplify this form of passenger transport via the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). It will greatly accelerate overnight cargo delivery and help provide efficient connectivity to Europe’s most remote regions. Beginning in the early 1990s, work on a regulatory framework for single-engine commercial operations is now common around the world. Such common operations that were issues in 2005 are based on ICAO standards. In 2012, GAMA, its several of the many association’s members, and EASA participated in a rulemaking group created to help develop the agency’s regulatory framework.

At Just Parts Unlimited we are constantly trying to find ways to build relationships across the world to make sure parts do not go to places they shouldn’t be going to. We want this world to be a safe place and with the regulations we have in place we try to avoid all situations that can affect us in the future. One reason why Just Parts Unlimited stands out from others is because it is not all about the money here, we don’t sell to anyone who is not approved and we make sure the parts work well. 


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