Deal erupts for Hawaii Island Airlines and Bombardier

It has been reported that Bombardier Aerospace has entered an agreement with the Island Air, a Hawaiian island airline. The agreement will be a transfer of components to be able to supply them with a great deal of support towards their Q400 aircraft fleet. This exchanging of components has been named the Smart Parts programme.

The deal has been made of up of many parts including Bombardiers maintenance, repair, and overhaul MRO assistance for Island Airs aircrafts. Also, allowing Island Air to access a spare parts division that is of Bombardier access only. They will also implement on-site inventories located on Island Airs base in Honolulu, Hawaii.

CEO and president of Island Air assures that,

"When you add a new aircraft to your fleet, you want to be confident of excellent and guaranteed in-service support from the manufacturer.”

Followed by a reassuring statement of gratitude to Bombardier for their help in being able to gain a Q400 aircraft into their fleet. Island Air is currently involved in a lease contract as their way of obtaining the Q400 aircraft from Irelands Elix Aviation.

An approximated 150 airplanes, either the Q400 or C Series aircrafts have already been enrolled to be a part of the newest Smart Parts programme.

General Manager and Vice president of Bombardiers aircraft customer service respectfully speaks to say,

“With the Smart Parts programme, Island Air will benefit from superior parts availability and cost predictability as the airline renews its fleet with Q400 aircraft to expand its regional route network and enhance inter-island connectivity.”
Bombardier continues to provide exceptional service throughout the years to all its partners and customers. This is deal is to benefit both parties to able to expand their companies in various ways. Island Air believes that there should be a full guarantee and trust in the manufacture that provides in service support.


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