Air Force Aircrafts Ceased At Dover Air Force Base

18 aircrafts belonging to the United States Air Force have been halted due to continuous malfunctions. There has been two repeated incidents within a 60 day time period that has caught the attention of the Air Mobility Command (AMC). Issues having to do with the nose aircraft  landing-gear has been the main concern for the cease of the aircrafts. The type of aircraft landing gear can be found in the 1620 Aircraft landing gear FSC category.  The order was given on July 17th by the AMC to hold all 18 C-5s aircrafts stationed in the Dover Air Force Base located in Delaware. 12 out of the 18 aircrafts were used in the first line of use for the Air force having the remaining 6 as back up aircrafts. Fortunate for the Air Force the only the aircrafts stationed in Dover will be the only aircrafts being ceased. The aircrafts stationed in Dover, Delaware are 18 of 56 that the air force has worldwide.

Safety is a top priority for the AMC which is the reason for the concern. AMC’s Chief Carlton D Evenhart II stated,” We are taking the appropriate measures to properly diagnose the issue and implement a solution." In properly diagnosing the aircrafts the Air Force personnel will personally perform repeatedly routine inspections.

The history of the C-5s traces back to the first one being delivered to the US Air force in 1970. Since then there have been an increasing number of C-5ms that have been added to the Airlifter fleet. The C-5s are known as the largest airlifters that the air force owns to date. It measures 65 feet high and has a extreme wingspan of 223-foot wide. They are able to travel distances of 5500 miles loaded with cargo and 8000 miles without. These distances have been measure with the airlifter being filled with 120,000 lbs of cargo. 

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