Descending numbers for Airbus Helicopters for the 2017 year

For the year 2017, Airbus Helicopter has noticed a slight decline in their sales due to various factors in the industry. Speculation In the market states that larger more heavier helicopters are no longer needed or wanted due to the fact that companies are buying medium sized helicopters that have almost similar potential at a fraction of the cost.

Airbus has witnessed their sales to be shifting down ward from last years sales; Selling 418 rotorcraft handed in 2016 to 409 in the year 2017.

“Gross orders were 350 units, down from 388 in 2016, while net orders stood at 335, against 353 for the previous 12 months.”

Airbus has seen a decrease with a particular model the offshore H225 heavy twins having no orders recorded for the year 2017.

Although they have not been able to record any orders for the Offshore aircraft, Airbus has been able to secure 54 orders for the Super Puma family. No orders for the H225 Aircrafts may have been a factor of its safety issues

This deal included 10 smaller H215 aircrafts and also included an agreement with the Kuwaiti Airforce and National Guard for an order of 30 aircrafts.

One of the contributing factor for the decline of offshore H225 aircraft was caused by safety issues that ended in a fatal crash in Norway in 2016.

Airbus Helicopter Chief executive, Guillaume Faury states the price of crude oil will not change any habits for offshore passenger.

 "I do not think the recovery, or partial recovery, of the oil price will have a positive impact on the helicopter industry over the next couple of years."

Airbus continues to set high standards to meet for the near future to be able to execute 400 delivers in 2018.

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