Cylinder Heads, Their Parts, and How They Function

Posted on June 4, 2021 Jack Kartan Aerospace

Cylinder heads and their parts are items that function together to form a structurally reliable unit fit for fuel combustion and heat applications. Commonly constructed with a head gasket, intake & exhaust ports, cylinder head valves, combustion chambers, fuel injectors, camshafts, spark plugs, and various smaller components, cylinder head assemblies are what gives an engine life. Within this blog, we will go into detail about the major parts within a cylinder head and how they are constructed to power internal combustion engines.

A cylinder head is a singular unit that contains various smaller components functioning simultaneously to control airflow in and out of a cylinder. Beginning with the head gasket, this item is generally located between the cylinder head and engine block, serving as a preventative measure for engine leaks and pressure regulation. Serving the role of channeling air from the cylinder head and into a combustion chamber, followed by the ejection of exhaust, intake and exhaust ports regulate pressure within the combustion section. Typically consisting of two valves per cylinder, cylinder head valves are operated by the camshaft and allow a fuel and air mixture into the combustion chamber. Affixed to a cylinder head and reaching into the combustion chamber, spark plugs take on the role of igniting the mixture within the unit. For the purpose of ignition, these assemblies also contain fuel injectors, allowing propellant to enter a cylinder and undergo the combustion process.

As power is developed within a cylinder, a cylinder head and the components that comprise it are necessary for the functionality of an engine. As cylinders within these units generate intense amounts of heat during the downward compression of a piston, components such as cylinder heads, barrels, gaskets, pistons, and other parts are all specifically forged to endure extreme conditions. In most modern cases, these items are now made from cast aluminum alloys, as opposed to cast iron. Lightweight and capable of high thermal conductivity, cast aluminum improves the unit's functionality while reducing the vehicle's weight.

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