First Aircraft Using Electromagnetic Catapult Was Launched

USS Gerald R Ford is the lead ship of her class of the United States Navy supercarriers. It is worth $13 billion and the most advanced aircraft carrier in the world due to its enormous flight deck and a new electromagnetic system to launch aircraft. The ship is able to hold more than 75 aircraft at a time because of its length of 1100 feet long. The warship can cruise at speeds of more than 30 knots and operate for 20 years without refueling, according to the Associated Press. It turned out to be the most expensive warship the US military has ever build since it manufacturing which started in 2005.

For the first time, on July 28th USS Gerald R Ford launched a nuclear-powered supercarrier and recovered a fighter plane using an electromagnetic catapult on the Piloted by Commander Jamie Struck, an F/A-18F Super Hornet was launched from the flight deck by the Electromagnetic Launch System and it landed using the Advanced Arresting Gear system.

The electromagnetic technology will be easier to maintain for sailor aboard the ship and will provide smoother acceleration for launch, putting less stress on aircraft air frames according to Navy Officials. It’s more reliable, easier to maintain, and has a higher launch energy capacity than previous system, however it’s complicated and requires a lot of crew to operate it and maintain it.

“AAG and EMALS have been successfully tested ashore at Lakehurst, New Jersey, but this is the first shipboard recovery and launch of a fleet fixed-wing aircraft," says Captain Rick McCormack, Ford's commanding officer.

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