Garmin Ultimately Receives Approval for all in one ADS-B Transponders in Aircrafts

Garmin International Inc finally granted the installation approval for all their newest “all in one” ADS-B transponder that can be equipped in helicopters. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted Garmin with the Supplemental Type Certification which for the installation of both transponders. The GTX 345/335 transponders are the models Garmin has been successful in adding to the (FAA) Approved Model List (AML) which is of part of 27 helicopters. The GTX 345/355 models are both equipped with built- in Wide Area Augmentation System(WAAS).

“WAAS corrects for GPS signal errors caused by ionospheric disturbances, timing and satellite orbit errors, and it provides vital integrity information regarding the health of each GPS satellite.”

The GTX 345 includes more advantage to “existing avionics configuration” that is projects the ADS-B traffic. The GTX is equipped in

“Utilizing Bluetooth® and Connext® technology, the GTX 345 also streams traffic and weather wirelessly to select Garmin portables and the most popular apps in the industry, including Garmin Pilot™ and Fore Flight Mobile."

The 345/355 series is equipped with 1.65-inch panel mount transponder set up with a digital reading that display pressure altitude and has hard number buttons to be able to punch in squawk codes manually.

One of the main reasons for the transponder Is to alert the helicopters operator to all its vehicles and aircrafts in its vicinity to avoid accidents when working closely to other operators in the close area.

“The GTX 345 integrates with the audio panel to provide ATC-like audible alerts, such as “Traffic: 10 O’clock, same altitude, two miles” to help pilots keep their eyes outside of the cockpit when looking for traffic.”

The GTX 345 series transponders are starting a price of $4,995 US while the 355 series is priced 2,995 US. To be have the WAAS installed on ether of them would be an additional $800US on top of the starting price.   In combination, they both are approved to be placed in both over 60 helicopter aircrafts in the industry.

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