Polymer Materials Excel in Aircraft Bearings

A polymer is a macromolecule composed of repeat units that are linked. The molecules are light, have a broad range of properties making them perfect to use for aircraft bearings. These bearings have extremely strict requirements for performance and quality. The bearings must withstand tough weather conditions, extreme cargo loads and extreme fluctuations in temperatures. In the aerospace industry, Ultracomp, CJ, Tristeel, and Rulon are the four most common polymers. Recently, polymers are replacing bronze and metals in the fuselage, steering, and wings. The use of polymers in aircraft creation allow for the aircraft to be significantly lighter, contributing to low maintenance costs and quick repair times. The polymer molecules have great temperature and vibration properties, making it a great material for aircraft.

Ultracomp UC 200 bearings have an excessive compressive strength of over 54,000 PSI with unique geometry that joins fixtures of gear doors, landing gears, fuselage components and high pivot points. Rulon LR is used for landing wear bands for oleo struts. Rulon can easily tolerate high loads and extreme environmental exposure. Try steel bearings allow for easy maneuverability of steering gear and aircraft towing vehicles because they offer dual-layer designs to increase properties. These applications extend the life of the bearing and allow for less maintenance over time. Polymer macromolecules have truly changed the aerospace industry in terms of efficiency.

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