Multinational Defence Technology Company Qinetiq To Acquire & Modify Four H125s

Test Pilot Schools is something that catches our attention here at ASAP Semi since these school’s order plenty of parts for teaching purposes. Here at asap semi we provide the best price and the quickest lead time to keep programs like these going. Recently, QinetiQ a British multinational defence technology company signed a deal with Airbus to provide four H125 helicopters for their Test Pilot Program that manages alongside with the UK’s Ministry of Defense. This deal was worth about 15 million Euro, that will be invested in a 3-axis autopilot, traffic awareness system, and dedicated communications equipment. These things are critical parts for a successful flight test engineer training. Not only will this deal include these upgrades but also aircraft modifications and a plan that will help deliver full availability for 10 years. Hopefully by 2019 these new upgraded advanced aircrafts will be released.

Not only will this project be helped by Airbus, the UK’s Ministry of Defense has also invested 85 million Euros in ETPS to modernize the training. They want to assemble a fleet that performance is virtual and will provide the best value to make H125 a leader on the industry. MOD is not only excited for the new amazing helicopter that will be created but the improved programs available to customers. Airbus feels that this is a great investment because they want all training on pilots and engineers to be with Airbus Helicopters.  They are willing to do whatever it takes to make training successful.  With the investments from both companies they fell that this will reduce the operating cost, drive further growth, an enhance capabilities.  This also includes purchasing of eight new aircrafts for future proof and comprehensive update for the training. 


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