The Basic Parts of a Generator

A generator is a rotating electrical unit used to create power. Depending on its design, a generator can produce direct current (DC), alternating current (AC), or both. Their versatility and power make them a crucial part of many advanced systems, such as modern robotics. To carry out its function, there are many components that make up a generator. In this blog, we will discuss the most important parts of a generator.

Field: The field is a device that produces magnetic flux when exposed to voltage. It comprises multiple coils that work together when the source voltage is received. This process is known as excitation.

Armature: This is the ultimate source of the generator’s output voltage. The magnetic flux in the field facilitates this output. The armature features a battery of wire coils, any of which can carry the generator’s full rated voltage.

Prime Mover: This part is a type of turbine that drives the AC generator. It could be a gas, steam, hydraulic, wind, or other turbine. Some systems may also feature a redundant backup turbine.

Rotor: The rotor is the main rotational component of the generator driven by the prime mover. The rotor may be the armature or the field depending on the overall design of the system.

Stator: The stator is a stationary design element of the generator that works with the rotor. Similar to the rotor, the stator can be either the field or armature.

Slip Rings: Slip rings are specialized electrical connectors used to transfer power to and from the rotor. An individual slip ring is a circular conductor bound to the rotor windings and insulated from the shaft.

Shaft Bearings: The shaft is what connects the prime mover to the rest of the generator. A series of bearings are precisely positioned to guide the relative movement of the generator’s moving parts. This reduces friction and slows down the process of wear and tear.

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