The Main Parts of a Brake System

Posted on April 14, 2021 Jack Kartan Aerospace

The brake system is the primary safety feature of any automobile. As such, it is crucial that you pay attention to its performance to ensure you can rely on your brakes to function properly. To give you a better understanding of your car’s braking system, this blog will cover its main components and their role within the system.

The first main component of the brake system is the brake pedal. This is the pedal the driver pushes with their foot to activate the brakes. Pressing the brake pedal causes brake fluid to flow throughout the system and put pressure on the brake pads, slowing down the car or bringing it to a stop. The next part of the system is the brake master cylinder. This is essentially a plunger that is activated by the brake pedal. The brake master cylinder is what holds the brake fluid and then forces it through the brake lines once activated. The third part of the brake system is the brake lines. Made from steel, the brake lines are what carries the brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir to the wheels when pressure is applied to stop the car.

The fourth component is the rotors/drums. Every brake system has either rotors (disc brakes) or drums (drum brakes). These are the parts that the brake pads rub against to create the friction necessary to bring the car to a halt. The next part is the wheel cylinders. The brake pads are connected to the wheel cylinders which either squeeze (in the case of disc brakes) or push apart (in the case of drum brake) the brake pads as fluid flows into them. The final component of the brake system is the brake pads. These are the parts that rub against the drums or rotors. Brake pads are made from composite materials and designed to last for thousands of miles. That said, if you hear a grinding noise when you apply the brake pedals, it is likely time for new brake pads.

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