The End of The Legendary Boeing 747

Posted on January 24, 2017 Jack Kartan Aerospace

The Boeing 747 is an iconic plane that has been part of history for the past decades, a great plane; queen of the skies with outstanding engineering and technology that made traveling fun, easy and comfortable. United airlines; an iconic airlines has adopted the iconic 747 for the longest time and it’s been part of the airline’s history for almost half a century with their first 747 flight that took off from California and landed in Hawaii to mark the journey that will go on for almost 50 years. However, everything comes to an end, even great things come to an end, and now United Airlines has declared to stop their fleet of Boeing 747 by the end of the year 2017. Initially they planned the end to be in the year 2018 but that didn’t hold, so now the queen has to step down much sooner.

The Boeing 747 was a state of the art technology from all aspects, it provided an incredible experience during flight and its wide body has created a unique experience, not many planes have the spacious wide body that a Boeing 747 carries and that alone gives it a grand experience. Put the Queen of the Skies to rest will not be quite, there will be a major celebration to celebrate an unforgettable journey that went around the world for almost 5 decades. The replacement is going to be beneficial on the long run with a more fuel efficient wide-body airplane.

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