Airbus Helicopters Release Three H215 Multi-role Rotorcraft to the German Federal Police

Posted on January 13, 2017 Jack Kartan Helicopters

The German federal police have recently purchased three new H215 multi role rotorcraft from Airbus Helicopters. The estimated time of delivery for these new H215 are to be delivered around the early months of 2019. The German federal police better known as the Bundespolizei will be using these helicopters for vigorous activities that are a part of their life risking tasks such as maritime emergencies and police missions.

The Bundespolizei has chosen these specific aircrafts for its ability to perform at extreme high ability at any time and its reliability as the police use these 365 days out of the year. These helicopters are also used for transport people over longer distances and under harsh weather conditions that approach during these year-round travels.

Also, will be used for Private escorts for VIP transportation, precise search and rescue assignments and relieving others during disaster missions.

The H215 helicopter is equipped with a twin engine and considered a part of the Super Puma family. To date the Bundespolizei is owner to 19 H215 helicopters all a part of the Super Pumas.

The H215 is designed to be the latest in innovation technology with a reliable structure to be able to fly over longer distance, carry heavier weights, travel at higher speeds and being able to manage the lifting of heavier objects without major concerns.

Equipped with what is considered to be a luxurious glass cockpit. Having a brand new 4 axis autopilot installed will enhance the flight envelope protection, impeccable precision, and help the helicopter accomplish missions in the harshest conditions.

Airbus Helicopters continue to be one of the world’s leading supplier of police helicopters. Greatly praises to deliver in a timely fashion having delivered almost 50 percent of theses helicopters in the last 10 years. Having dealt in over 60 countries with an approximate 300 customers for the past decades.


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