The Newest UAV Coming Around: PHASE-35

The Airbus industry is accelerating with a new UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) underway from BAE systems and Prismatic. The collaborated development will be powered by solar energy and will be the first high altitude, long endurance UAV known as PHASA-35. This new aircraft will be the first to offer a year-round endurance without stopping for servicing. The PHASA-35 will be charged through solar energy during the day, so it can continue soaring through the night.

The design is very similar to the Zephyr UAV, however, the PHASA-35 is longer with 35 meters of wingspan. The PHASA-35 weighs 150 kg with the two electric motors, long-lasting lithium batteries, and ultra- light solar cells. The contrast may seem subtle, but the divergence is extreme because the PHASA-35 will be able to fly without maintenance for one year.

The PHASA-35 will be used for a variety of needs. There are countless benefits to operating UVA such as economical servicing because it will require less manpower for maintenance, reducing costs to the operator, and saving money over the long term. There are also many versatile uses when using a UAV such as an environment and border surveillance, missile detection, navigation, and continuous imagery. Lastly, the long-lasting batteries will allow it to fly for a long duration of time because of the rechargeable battery with a natural energy source. The development is in the works to prepare for its first flight test in 2019. BAE systems are investing in developing and testing PHASA-35 to continue advancing the Airbus industry and improving airbus technology.

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