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Aircraft bearings require a special grease in order to operate properly and ensure longevity. Automotive grease can be used as a cheap alternative, but it is not recommended if you want all your parts to stay reliable and in pristine condition. After all, the needs of an automobile and the needs of an aircraft are entirely different. In terms of aircraft maintenance, there are three types of grease that are highly recommended: Mobil SHC100, Braycote 622, and ROYCO 22CF.

Mobile is a reliable and well-known brand with a variety of products— and for the aviation industry, they have the SHC100. The SHC100 aviation grease is a multi-purpose synthetic product that comes in a tube. Being multi-purpose, it’s perfectly suitable for greasing aircraft bearings. This grease is recommended for heavy load, high-speed applications such as landing gear bearings, wheel bearings, sides, and joints. This grease also provides protection from damage in operating temperatures of -54? to 177?. It’s a unique blend of a polyalphaolefin base and a lithium soap thickener, making it also resistant to water washes.

Royce is another great brand when looking for aircraft grease. The ROYCO 22CF is an inorganic gel-type grease that protects aircraft from friction at a wide range of operating temperatures. This grease is used for instruments, gearboxes, rotor bearings, actuators, general airframe applications, and wheel bearings. The grease also contains additives the prevent oxidation and corrosion.

Castrol Braycote 622 is a good hydrocarbon-based synthetic oil that doesn’t contain additives or soap thickeners. This grease is a good option for operating temperatures up to 177?, water resistance, extreme pressures, and strong vibrations. This grease goes above and beyond conventional greases making it suitable for helicopter rotor bearings, alternator bearings, high-speed bearings, and wheel bearings. Grease selection depends on the type of application in which the grease needs to be applied to.

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