What Are Starter Motors Used For?

Posted on June 23, 2021 Jack Kartan Aircraft Parts

Typically utilized for internal combustion engines, starter motors are an essential mechanism that functions to get an engine up and running. Due to the way energy is created within a combustion engine, engaging any pistons within the power unit requires the use of a starter motor. Generating movement through the use of inertia produced by components allowing the engine to intake air, starter motors can be found in electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic types. In detail, we will go over how a starter motor functions and why they are employed within vehicles.

Common components that make up a starter motor include an armature, commutator, brushes, solenoid, plunger, lever fork, pinion, and field coils. As all of these combined parts are constructed to create a functioning unit, when a vehicle's ignition is cranked, the starter motor is activated to turn over and ignite the engine. In order to begin the combustion process within an engine’s cylinders, airflow to the engine is suctioned in by the air intake system during an engine turn over. Designed to partner with an accompanying flywheel, ring gear, and rod, ignition switches rely on electromagnets within their body to actuate an attached pinion. From this point on, once a pinion is capable of meeting the flywheel, a connection from the starter motor to the engine will have been established. This connection engages and starts the engine, making the starter motor no longer necessary. As a subsequent result, all internal electromagnetic connections will be removed.

Like with all machinery, internal combustion engines and their accompanying starter motors can deteriorate over time, requiring some form of maintenance to manage their intended functions. As such, it is best to keep in mind the conditions that can damage your vehicle and its internal systems. As an example, extreme weather conditions should be taken into consideration when attempting to start your vehicle's engine. Due to the fact that cold weather can cause oil to thicken, it is best to allow vehicles with internal combustion engines to warm up before attempting to crank the engine.

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