What is a Hydraulic Pump?

Posted on November 5, 2020 Jack Kartan Aerospace

A hydraulic pump can be applied for multiple mechanisms and applications, as they are designed to move sizable amounts of oil via a hydraulic motor or a cylinders. The way that this works is that mechanical energy in the form of torque or speed is converted by the hydraulic pump into a flow pressure, or in other words, into hydrostatic energy. If you have a pump that you can connect to this hydraulic mechanism, you can utilize this hydraulic mechanism to do different types of services including but not limited to lowering something, as well as opening, lifting rotating or closing parts. In this article, we will go over what a hydraulic pump is and more about how it can be applied.

A hydraulic pump is one of the most essential parts of your operation because it is the source of power. Hydraulic pumps operate based on the presence of mechanically sealed caverns inside the pump. According to the principle of displacement, this involves fluid being moved from the suction por inlet of the pump to the pressure port outlet. These chambers are sealed so as to ensure that there is no direct link between the two ports of the pump and because of this, the pumps are made to fit to service at such high pressure systems.

A little background on the makings of the hydraulic pumps: they are produced based on varying functional and hydraulic system needs, including operating medium, required range of pressure, type of drive, and few others. A high degree of architecture values and configurations has a precedence behind hydraulic pumps and not every pump can fully meet all sets of requirements to an optimum degree.

There are three different categorizations of hydraulic pumps including gear pumps, piston pumps and vane pumps. Gear pumps have a small degree of moving components that work smoothly, and operate efficiently at pressures up to 210 bar. Additionally, it can operate at speeds up to 3000-6000 rpm. Hydraulic piston pumps are very good, meanwhile, at handling high flows at high hydraulic system pressures. Some uses for these pumps include mobile and construction equipment, marine, offshore and industrial. Hydraulic vane pumps, on the other hand, can be serviced with a smaller degree of flow pulsation, and as a result, vane pumps generate less noise while keeping the same high speed.

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